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08 noviembre 2011

Organized crime and regional cooperation focus of Ukraine prosecutor visit to INTERPOL

LYON, France –The importance of enhancing international cooperation in the areas of economic and financial crime, money laundering and corruption were among the key issues highlighted during a visit by First Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine, Renat Kuzmin, to the world police body’s General Secretariat headquarters in Lyon today.

During discussions with the delegation of top legal officials including Head of the Main Department on Investigation of Specially Important Crimes, Andrii Kurys, INTERPOL Secretary General Ronald K. Noble emphasized the role that Ukraine has played in combating crimes of particular concern to Eastern Europe.

Ukraine has made significant contributions to the fight against Eurasian organized crime. Through the country’s participation in INTERPOL’s Project Millennium which targets organized crime groups in the region, Ukraine hosted a working group meeting in May 2011 that offered a forum for intelligence sharing and international police cooperation.

The Project Millennium working group meeting brought together officials from 18 countries from the region and beyond to enhance collaboration in the battle against Eurasian organized crime by allowing law enforcement officers to share experiences, exchange intelligence, and identify key trends and modus operandi of these crime groups.

The Ukrainian delegation was also briefed on the latest developments in the areas of financial crime, corruption and money laundering, and the operational tools and services offered by INTERPOL to its member countries.

Describing Ukraine as a valued law enforcement partner, Secretary General Noble highlighted the recent anti-terrorism training exercise held in Donetsk, Ukraine in September. The three-day gathering organized by the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) Anti-Terrorism Centre saw the heads of security and anti-terrorist agencies from the region come together to address the global threat of terrorism.