INTERPOL Head says Arab Police Chiefs’ leadership vital in combating terrorism

12 de diciembre de 2018

TUNIS, Tunisia – With Arab countries at the forefront of the fight against terrorism, INTERPOL Chief Jürgen Stock told the region’s police chiefs their leadership is essential.

INTERPOL Secretary General Jürgen Stock delivered the keynote speech at the Arab Interior Ministers Council Chiefs of Police meeting.

Delivering the keynote speech at the Arab Interior Ministers Council (AIMC) Chiefs of Police meeting, Secretary General Stock said today’s pressing security challenges required continued regional and global cooperation.

Operations, meetings and training sessions coordinated by INTERPOL across the Middle East and North Africa have resulted in the identification of new bomb-making techniques as well the positive identification of a biological agent at a border crossing point.

“Ensuring there are no blind spots created by geography or conflict is essential,” said Secretary General Stock.

“This is why we have made a significant effort to ensure information is not just getting to the frontlines, but also being shared from them, especially through greater links between military and law enforcement,” added the INTERPOL Chief.

Mr Stock highlighted the significant increase in the number of foreign terrorist fighter (FTF) profiles held by INTERPOL to nearly 44,000, with several thousand additional profiles related to bomb makers.

INTERPOL’s Project FIRST (Facial, Imaging, Recognition, Searching and Tracking) which focuses on biometric data sharing on FTFs has already resulted in the identification of three prisoners in a Middle East country who had been detained under different names and different nationalities.