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Sint Maarten


Founded in 1949, the Sint Maarten Police Force - called the “Korps Politie Sint Maarten” in Dutch - is part of the Ministry of Justice.

The force is headed by a Chief Commissioner who is assisted by two Commissioners – one in the Uniformed Division and the other in the Judicial Division.

With a strength of 180 officers for a population of nearly 70,000, the Sint Maarten police force is scheduled to increase to 370 officers in the next three years.

INTERPOL Philipsburg

The NATIONAL Central Bureau (NCB) for Sint Maarten is located in the capital Philipsburg.  Its activities focus principally on tackling trafficking and smuggling in human beings and working with the INTERPOL member countries in investigating cross-border crime.

INTERPOL Philipsburg in action
23 septiembre 2016

Tackling organized crime in Latin America and Caribbean focus of INTERPOL meeting

WILLEMSTAD, Curaçao – Addressing the global problem of Latin American and Caribbean drug crime and its links to other serious crimes, particularly migrant smuggling and human trafficking, was the focus of INTERPOL’s third annual Project Fortaleza meeting held in the Curaçao capital. Project Fortaleza provides Latin American and Caribbean law enforcement w...
28 julio 2016

Más de 2 700 víctimas de la trata de personas fueron rescatadas durante una operación coordinada por INTERPOL

Una operación centrada en la trata de personas en América del Sur y Central permitió rescatar a más de 2 700 víctimas, realizar 134 detenciones y desmantelar al menos 7 redes de delincuencia organizada.La operación, bautizada con el nombre de INTERCOPS - SPARTACUS III y coordinada por la Oficina Regional de INTERPOL para América del Sur, se llevó a c...