Gestión de fronteras

Fighting terrorism and transnational crime through effective border management.


In our increasingly globalized world, it is easier than ever before for people and goods to cross air, land, and sea borders. This is also the case for criminals and terrorists. Young men and women travel to conflict zones to join terrorist groups, while child sex offenders travel from their home countries to exploit victims overseas. Smugglers and traffickers take advantage of this increasing flow across borders to hide their cargo of illicit goods and desperate migrants. Fugitives travel internationally to escape justice. Effective border security is an essential part of combating transnational crime.

Integrated Border Management Task Force (IBMTF)

The Integrated Border Management Task Force (IBMTF) is the central point of contact within the INTERPOL General Secretariat for coordination of international border security activities, offering assistance to member countries to enhance their own border security and integrate their efforts with those of their neighbors and international community. IBMTF draws upon expertise across departments within INTERPOL as well as from international partners to accomplish its primary goals of improving border security around the world.

IBMTF supports law enforcement officers working at the frontline of border security by:

  • Running operations at air, land, and sea border points during which it provides access to INTERPOL databases that are not regularly available and focusing enforcement efforts on certain crime areas.
  • Delivering capacity building training courses related to crime areas often seen at border points.
  • Improving worldwide border management policy through direct and indirect partnership with member countries and international organizations.
09 noviembre 2018

Japan funds project to boost transnational crime fighting in Laos

10 octubre 2018

US Attorney General discusses global security issues with INTERPOL Chief

04 octubre 2018

Bolivia presents INTERPOL Chief with award recognizing Organization’s work

03 octubre 2018

El jefe de INTERPOL acepta una condecoración de Perú en nombre de la organización que dirige

16 agosto 2018

Border security across ASEAN region focus of INTERPOL programme

13 julio 2018

INTERPOL-led Mediterranean operation closes ranks on foreign terrorist fighters

06 abril 2018

“Las regiones sustentan nuestra estructura policial mundial”, afirma el jefe de INTERPOL

14 marzo 2018

Intelligence-led best practices to fight terrorism focus of INTERPOL training

12 marzo 2018

INTERPOL launches initiative to boost African security

16 noviembre 2017

Keeping foreign terrorist fighters out of East Africa focus of INTERPOL meeting

20 octubre 2017

G7 Ministers call for sharing of battlefield data on terrorists via INTERPOL

29 septiembre 2017

La Asamblea General de INTERPOL aprueba una política para el tratamiento de datos sobre los refugiados

20 septiembre 2017

INTERPOL capacity building programme targets human trafficking and trans-border crime in West Africa and Sahel

09 junio 2017

Una operación fronteriza de INTERPOL en el Sudeste Asiático da lugar a la captura de sospechosos buscados internacionalmente

18 mayo 2017

Suspected terrorist among 17 arrested during INTERPOL operation in Southeast Asia

21 abril 2017

Miles de policías de toda Europa participan en una operación de INTERPOL contra las armas ilegales

INTERPOL Integrated Border Management Task Force

An innovative tool to detect and prevent illicit transactions.

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