Programas Educativos

En esta sección usted tiene acceso a una lista de programas académicos y educativos, de alcance internacional, relacionados con temas de aplicación de la ley, investigación y criminología.


►University of Wollongong

Language(s): English

►Australian Institute of Criminology

Australia's national research and knowledge centre on crime and justice.

You can find there the different crime types, the crime and the community

and the criminal justice system.

Language(s): English


►Université de Montréal

Centre International de criminilogie comparée

Language(s): French


►Centre d'études sur la Sécurité Internationale et les Coopérations Européennes (CESICE)

Defense and Safety

Language(s): French, English and Spanish

►Centre d’Études des Techniques Financières et d'Ingénierie

Masters studies on Fight Against Organised Financial Crime 

Langue (s): French

►National Institute of Forensic Science (INPS)

 The National Institute of Forensic Science is a public institution under the supervision French Home Office and the General Directorate of National Police.

Language (s): French


►UCD School of Computer Science and Informatics - Dublin

Analysis of Digital Evidence, Forensic Computing Techniques, Internet Investigation

Language(s): English


►International Center for National Security Studies (ICNSS)/ Galillee International Management Institute

National Security Studies

Language(s): French, Spanish, Portugal, English

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

►NAUSS Naif Arab University for Security Sciences

Training on Regional Crimes

Language(s): English, Arab


►Open University of Catalonia and the Public Safety Institute of Catalonia

Many topics notably Public Safety Policies

Language(s): Spanish, English, French


►Faculty of Law and Criminal Sciences, University of Lausanne

The University of Lausanne has a specialised branch in scientific police since 1909 (the first in the World). The Faculty of Law and Criminal Sciences is the only Swiss faculty that englobes such differench study domains such as Law, Forensics and Criminology.

Language(s): French


►Asian Institute of Technology

Masters and Executive Programs in IT and International Public Management

Language(s): English, Thai

United Kingdom

►Cambridge - Centre of International Studies

International Relations, International Security, History and Economics. Masters Applied Criminology & Management - Distance learning

Language(s): English

►Dundee University

Train police officers as part of the UK Disaster Victim Identification

Language(s): English

►University of Leicester

Masters in Criminology and Law - Distance Learning

Language(s): English

►University of Portsmouth

Designed for Law Enforcement Officers, Officials and Analysts with Specialist Responsibilities (Trafficking in Drugs, Organised Crime, Trafficking in People, Terrorism) Possible distance learning (2/3 years)

Language(s): English

University of Strathclyde, Glasgow

Centre for Forensic Science : Teaching and training in forensic science for law enforcement since 1967, including specialist training courses for police officers and forensic scientists.

Language(s): English

United States of America

►Arizona State University

Arizona State offers several online programs pertaining to criminology and social policy, including: Criminal Justice, Criminal Sentencing and Sentencing Advocacy, Public Service and Public Policy, Community Advocacy, Emergency Management, and Homeland Security.

►BCSIA Belfer Centre for Science and International Affairs

Provide leadership in advancing policy-relevant knowledge about the most important challenges of International Security critical issues

Language(s): English

►Centre for Homeland Defense and Security (CHSD)

Strategies, Plans, Programs to prevent Terrorist Attacks and to strengthen Homeland Security. Linked with US Department of Homeland Security

Language(s): English

►John Jay College

 Specializations in: Criminology Deviance, Forensic Psychology, Forensic Science, Law and Philosophy, Public policy and Organisational Behaviour (also tailor-made Specializations)

Language(s): English

►SysAdmin, Audit, Network, Security (SANS)

Develop the Information Security Technology, to help strengthen the Definitive Information Community by improving the Security of Cyberspace

Language(s): English

►University of Pittsburgh

Examines threats to National and International Security: Transnational Organised Crime, Terrorism, Weapons of Massive Destruction, Competition for Natural Resources

Language(s): English

►Yale University

Genocide Stufies Program

Language(s): English