Raising awareness

Raising awareness is an integral part of INTERPOL’s Trafficking in Illicit Goods and Counterfeiting programme. 

The common denominator in all types of illicit trade is the involvement of transnational organized criminals who control the manufacture and distribution of illicit goods worldwide.

INTERPOL has an established leadership role in combating transnational organized crime.  This provides a solid foundation on which to develop and implement a holistic long-term strategy to combat all types of trafficking in illicit goods and counterfeiting in partnership with member countries and associated industries. 


This awareness campaign uses online and offline communications channels to effectively communicate the threats of illicit trade and its links to organized crime.

Target audiences

We work to highlight the issues around illicit trade and encourage conversation among diverse audiences in each of our member countries:

  • General public (consumers)
  •  Governments
  •  Law enforcement
  •  Private sector and associated industries

Key messages

  • Illicit trade funds organized crime – no product area is immune to counterfeiting.
  • Need for cross-sector involvement in operations, training, implementing regulation.
  • Partnership with the private sector is essential to successfully combat illicit trade.


The campaign integrates traditional media with the latest digital tools into a multiplatform approach.  You can watch, follow and comment on all the latest INTERPOL-generated content at the following accounts:

28 agosto 2017

Fortalecimiento de la respuesta mundial frente los delitos contra la propiedad intelectual

25 agosto 2017

Hundreds of tonnes of illicit medicines seized in African operation

13 mayo 2017

INTERPOL and China to explore areas for strengthening security and policing capabilities

25 abril 2017

Las bebidas alcohólicas, en lo alto de la lista de productos alimenticios fraudulentos intervenidos en una operación mundial. Alimentos y bebidas ilegales decomisados por valor de 230 millones de euros

08 diciembre 2016

Redes delictivas desarticuladas en una operación dirigida por INTERPOL contra los artículos falsos

27 octubre 2016

Global scale of food fraud highlighted in INTERPOL-Europol report

19 septiembre 2016

Conferencia para diseñar una respuesta mundial ante los delitos contra la propiedad intelectual

30 junio 2016

Training key to law enforcement ability to meet crime challenges

26 abril 2016

INTERPOL backs World IP Day

30 marzo 2016

Largest-ever seizures of fake food and drink in INTERPOL-Europol operation

17 diciembre 2015

Strengthening border security in ASEAN countries through specialist skills

01 diciembre 2015

International operation against illicit online trade supported by INTERPOL

20 octubre 2015

Border security across Southeast Asia focus of new EU-ASEAN programme led by INTERPOL

23 septiembre 2015

Global action against intellectual property crime focus of international conference

21 septiembre 2015

Operación en América del Sur contra las redes que distribuyen artículos falsos

13 julio 2015

Las autoridades egipcias se incautan de armas, drogas y obras de arte robadas en una operación contra los productos ilícitos

25 junio 2015

La campaña “Turn Back Crime” de INTERPOL premiada en el Día Mundial contra la Falsificación

01 junio 2015

Decomiso de artículos falsos por valor de 60 millones de USD en varias redadas realizadas en el continente americano y el Caribe

19 marzo 2015

INTERPOL hosts global music industry anti-piracy conference

16 febrero 2015

Incautación récord de alimentos y bebidas falsificados en una operación de INTERPOL y Europol

El crimen organizado empieza por el dinero, no permita que sea el suyo