Project Fortaleza

Tackling Latin American organized crime through a global lens

INTERPOL’s Project Fortaleza provides Latin American and Caribbean law enforcement with the skills, intelligence and services they need to tackle organized crime in their region.  

Project Fortaleza ensures an all-inclusive approach by addressing regional crime through a global lens across a broad spectrum of crime areas.

Countries come together regularly under the Fortaleza umbrella to identify common strategies and coordinate transnational investigations and operations.

Participating Fortaleza countries represent not only Latin American and Caribbean law enforcement, but also West African, European and Asian nations. This global approach ensures law enforcement can address national and regional challenges by acting globally.  

Although typically known for drug trafficking, Latin American and Caribbean organized crime groups have diversified to more global crime, including arms smuggling, human trafficking and economic crime.  Project Fortaleza reinforces the region’s ability to detect, track, report and prohibit this along existing and new trafficking routes, providing police forces with the policing tools they need to safeguard national borders and maintain national security.


In addition to nurturing a strong regional law enforcement network, Fortaleza meetings serve to share experiences, identify best practices and innovate on new law enforcement methods.

Operational meetings:

Through project Fortaleza, INTERPOL boosts communication between INTERPOL’s General Secretariat, member countries and police officers in the field, which in turn boosts the exchange, storage and cross-referencing of operational and actionable intelligence.

INTERPOL launched Project Fortaleza during the 2013 General Assembly in Colombia.

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