International Chiefs of Environmental Compliance and Enforcement

Lyon, France, 27-29 March 2012 - Given the clear need to create a strong forum for Chiefs of Environmental Enforcement, worldwide decision-makers are coming for the first time together to design a global strategy to address environmental issues.INTERPOL and United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) are inviting national leaders of environmental, biodiversity and natural resources agencies, and departments with law enforcement responsibility to attend the Summit.The objectives are to:

  • Unite the delegates and create strong departmental support in INTERPOL member countries;
  • Consider the formation of an international environmental compliance and enforcement steering committee;
  • Offer advice to the global enforcement community and make recommendations with respect to global efforts to address the environmental rule of law.

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30 marzo 2012

Mandos policiales sientan en la reunión inaugural de INTERPOL y el PNUMA las bases para la seguridad medioambiental

LYON (Francia) ‒ Los dirigentes de los servicios nacionales encargados del medio ambiente, la biodiversidad y los recursos naturales y los organismos con responsabilidades policiales se han reunido por vez primera para diseñar una estrategia mundial de cumplimiento y ejecución de las normas ambientales que permita proteger la seguridad del medio ambiente....

Nearly 70 countries will be represented by their High Level Environmental Leaders.

Video - David Higgins

Video - Masa Nagai