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23 mayo 2017

INTERPOL assisting UK coordinate international response after Manchester terrorist attack

19 mayo 2017

INTERPOL coordinating global law enforcement response to WannaCry ransomware attack

18 mayo 2017

Suspected terrorist among 17 arrested during INTERPOL operation in Southeast Asia

17 mayo 2017

OSCE Secretariat and INTERPOL launch joint action plan to combat transnational crime

16 mayo 2017

Los peligros del terrorismo y la ciberdelincuencia para la seguridad en Europa, temas centrales de una reunión de INTERPOL

13 mayo 2017

INTERPOL and China to explore areas for strengthening security and policing capabilities

12 mayo 2017

Shaping border security focus of INTERPOL workshop on ASEAN common visa

12 mayo 2017

Strengthening Nordic law enforcement capacity to combat criminal use of the Darknet

12 mayo 2017

INTERPOL and IOC hold joint sport integrity training in West Africa

10 mayo 2017

Three-year collaborative E-CRIME project concludes

09 mayo 2017

INTERPOL training enhances protection of snow leopards in Central Asia

04 mayo 2017

INTERPOL warning on human trafficking links to the fishing industry

03 mayo 2017

INTERPOL and regional police organizations meet to enhance cooperation

28 abril 2017

Tackling match-fixing focus of INTERPOL and IOC meetings in Thailand

28 abril 2017

INTERPOL training looks to enhance border security in Southeast Asia

26 abril 2017

Media invitation for 45th INTERPOL European Regional Conference in Austria

25 abril 2017

Alcohol tops list of EUR 230 million fake food and drink seizures in global operation

24 abril 2017

INTERPOL-led cybercrime operation across ASEAN unites public and private sectors

21 abril 2017

Miles de policías de toda Europa participan en una operación de INTERPOL contra las armas ilegales

20 abril 2017

INTERPOL training in Americas enhances capacity to counter cyber threats

19 abril 2017

INTERPOL and TNO partnership to combat cybercrime

18 abril 2017

Global operation targets child sexual abuse material exchanged via messaging apps

12 abril 2017

Foreign terrorist fighter travel focus of INTERPOL counter-terrorism meeting

11 abril 2017

Speaker Identification Integrated Project passes field test

10 abril 2017

INTERPOL programme aims to foster maritime security in Southeast Asia

07 abril 2017

The Commission for the Control of INTERPOL’s Files adopts new operating rules

05 abril 2017

INTERPOL Chief outlines support to Arab Interior Ministers Council in combating terrorism

04 abril 2017

INTERPOL supports No More Ransom initiative

04 abril 2017

Cybersecurity experts meet on the future of major event security

28 marzo 2017

Un foro para avanzar más unidos frente a las amenazas a la seguridad mundial

27 marzo 2017

Los Emiratos Árabes Unidos prometen 50 millones de euros para siete destacados proyectos de INTERPOL

24 marzo 2017

“Una desmesurada incautación de drogas pone de manifiesto el peligro de la delincuencia organizada transnacional”, afirma el jefe de INTERPOL

23 marzo 2017

INTERPOL training on fake document detection to boost security in Southeast Asia

22 marzo 2017

INTERPOL reaffirms support to Global Coalition as international policing partner

22 marzo 2017

Ransomware – the new INTERPOL digital security challenge

21 marzo 2017

International Day of Forests: INTERPOL's global role in environmental security

20 marzo 2017

INTERPOL issues Red Notice against suspected ivory smuggler

17 marzo 2017

INTERPOL training enhances Sudan police forensic investigative capability

16 marzo 2017

INTERPOL and IOC meeting in Seoul promotes sports integrity

16 marzo 2017

Enhancing Southeast Asian capacity to respond to terrorist threats focus of INTERPOL exercise

12 marzo 2017

Effective information sharing on violent extremism can save lives – INTERPOL Chief

10 marzo 2017

INTERPOL programme to combat financial crimes in forestry sector launched in Indonesia

09 marzo 2017

West African cybercrime underground economy emerging, finds joint INTERPOL-Trend Micro paper

08 marzo 2017

Las Oficinas Centrales Nacionales de INTERPOL, esenciales para la mejora de la seguridad mundial

06 marzo 2017

Securing borders across ASEAN focus of INTERPOL training in Myanmar

03 marzo 2017

Cybercrime investigation challenges focus of INTERPOL and Council of Europe initiative

02 marzo 2017

Una operación contra el tráfico de especies silvestres se salda con detenciones y decomisos a escala mundial

24 febrero 2017

IOC and INTERPOL host national integrity in sport workshop in the Bahamas

22 febrero 2017

INTERPOL special representative presents Credentials to the African Union

17 febrero 2017

INTERPOL launches training programme on digital forensics in maritime investigations

15 febrero 2017

Virtual crimes provide real experience in INTERPOL Digital Security Challenge

14 febrero 2017

Japan child sex abuse network ringleader identified via INTERPOL is jailed

13 febrero 2017

Una resolución de la ONU destaca el papel de INTERPOL en la protección de infraestructuras esenciales frente a los terroristas

10 febrero 2017

INTERPOL operational exercise targets smuggling of chemical explosive precursors

10 febrero 2017

Combating money laundering and terrorism financing in West Africa

07 febrero 2017

INTERPOL y la Academia Internacional contra la Corrupción (IACA) aúnan esfuerzos para combatir la corrupción

07 febrero 2017

INTERPOL backing Safer Internet Day to promote online safety

06 febrero 2017

Countering terrorist use of social media focus of INTERPOL training

01 febrero 2017

INTERPOL and Gulf Cooperation Council unite efforts in combating crime and terrorism

31 enero 2017

Combating sports corruption focus of INTERPOL-IOC law enforcement training

27 enero 2017

INTERPOL’s Project Stadia and Council of Europe meet on major event security

20 enero 2017

Global security focus of talks between Nepal President and INTERPOL leadership

20 enero 2017

INTERPOL launches new project targeting African-Asian wildlife crime links

18 enero 2017

Strengthening policing capacity across Asia focus of INTERPOL meeting in Nepal

18 enero 2017

INTERPOL supports public-private partnerships to combat cybercrime at World Economic Forum

17 enero 2017

INTERPOL and Qatar enhance collaboration on disaster victim identification

16 enero 2017

Digital currencies and money laundering focus of INTERPOL meeting

09 enero 2017

La red de INTERPOL permite identificar a 10 000 menores víctimas de delitos sexuales