Processing procedure of CCF requests

Find out more about how your request to the CCF will be processed.

How confidential is my request?

Anyone may request access to the Organization's files without fear of his/her request being used for the purposes of international police and judicial cooperation. The Commission's files are confidential and requests are not recorded in INTERPOL's files.

The Commission may nevertheless need to communicate some information to the INTERPOL General Secretariat or the National Central Bureaus in order to obtain information, which is necessary for the processing of a request.

However, any item of information specifically identified by the Applicant as confidential will not be communicated. This may be detrimental to the Applicant, as it restricts the Commission’s ability to fully process a request.

What is the procedure for reviewing requests?

Once the Commission has found the request admissible, it checks whether any data concerning the applicant is being processed in INTERPOL’s files.

If so, it examines the compliance of the processing of these data with INTERPOL’s rules, on the basis of the information available to it and considering all elements provided by the applicant.

The Commission may seek additional information or clarification from the applicant, from the source of the challenged data, from the INTERPOL General Secretariat or from other entities concerned by the request.

When the Commission considers that it has received sufficient information to reach a conclusion on a request, it makes a Decision.

The Commission provides its decision to the General Secretariat, so that it can take any actions required to ensure compliance with INTERPOL’s rules.

Finally, the Commission provides its written and reasoned decision to the applicant and to the source of the challenged data, and notifies them of the implementation of its decision by INTERPOL.

Can I ask for a decision to be revised?

An Applicant can submit an application for revision of a Decision of the Commission. In such a case, in addition to the usual admissibility criteria, the Applicant must provide:

  • a description of a newly discovered and relevant fact(s), within six months of its discovery; and
  • reasons for which such new fact(s) could have led the Requests Chamber to a different conclusion if known at the time at which the request was being processed.

The Commission will not process an application for revision if the request is essentially the same as another request it has previously examined, and does not contain any new facts that justify revision.