Specifics about renting apartments in Lyon

The following information is indicative of most types of housing you will find in Lyon. The housing market in Lyon has grown significantly over the past years. The cost of rent is set but can differ based on certain factors (location, parking, etc). Well-maintained, furnished apartments are difficult to find and costly. Most apartments do not have fully equipped kitchens, including even basic cupboards and electrical appliances. It is sometimes possible to find a kitchen equipped with cupboards only. Parking or a garage space, if available, can be included in your rent, usually for an additional 100 - 200 euros per month.

Note: Finding apartments in Lyon during July and August may be difficult because of the summer holiday season.

Typical monthly rents (residential areas):

Apartment T2/F2 (one bedroom)
 Rent: 700-900€
Furnished one bedroom apartment
 Rent: 800-1 000€ 
Apartment T3/F3 (two bedrooms)
 Rent: 1 100-1 300€
Furnished two bedrooms apartment
Rent: 1 400–1 600€ 
Apartment T4/F4
 Rent: 1 500-1 800€
Furnished three bedrooms apartment
Rent: 2 000€ and more

Payments to be settled at the time of the signing of the lease

  • Security deposit, equivalent to one months’ rent, excluding charges (For furnished apartment can be two months’ rent excluding charges)
  • First month’s rent - or pro rata
  • Maintenance costs/fees so called “charges”, which are shared by all tenants (lift, cleaning, electricity, general up-keep)
  • Agent fees (honoraires), approximately the equivalent of one month’s rent
  • Writing of the lease, between 200-250  euros
  • Name plates (apartment door, intercom, letter box), 40-60  euros

Inventory of fixtures

Fees are split between the landlord and tenant. 

Review of lease

There will be an annual review and increase in rent from the date of the signing of the lease. This process is based on the indexation of the cost of construction in France. An average is calculated using the figures from the previous year. This rate is applied throughout France.

Household waste tax

This is either included in monthly maintenance fees or has to be paid in total in November. It is calculated on a pro rata basis, so you only pay for the months during which you occupied the apartment within the year. The money is paid directly to the city of Lyon or to the real-estate agency.

Local household tax (taxe d’habitation)

This tax is compulsory and bound by the lease, and mustbe paid in full in November. A tenant who occupies a property on the first day of January must pay the tax for the whole year, regardless of the number of months the tenant lived in the property during the previous year. The tax is calculated individually for each household and is based on the type of apartment, size, district, etc. The tax is usually equivalent to one or one and a half months’ rent.

Television license

Whether you buy a television in France or bring one from your home country, you must buy a license which lasts one year and costs around 150 euros.

Electricity and gas (utilities)

The one-time connection fee will appear on the first month’s bill (about 30 euros). From this point on, an estimate of consumption is evaluated and charged each month; reconciliation based on real figures is done each year.


If water charges are not included in monthly maintenance fees, a contract needs to be opened with the water company. Billing process similar to electricity and gas.

Service contract for gas boiler

If the apartment is fitted with a gas boiler, a yearly contract must be taken out for its maintenance. This will cost around 180-230 euros.

Telephone – Internet and TV

Different packages are available thru some providers in France: Orange, Free, Numéricable, SFR,….


French law requires you to have minimum residential insurance covering fires, broken pipes , burglaries, etc. This costs around 180-280 euros. Insurance for the contents of your home (precious objects, jewelry) is included up to a certain value. The same insurance is required for motor vehicles.

For additional information, please contact the Relocation Unit.

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