The French System

France has both State and privately run schools. Both types of school are open to French and non-French children.

French state schools are secular, free of charge and compulsory for children aged 6 to 16 years. (Nursery from age 2/3).

State Education and Private Education

State education is free, and the school your child attends will depend on which area (district) of Lyon you choose to live in.

In state schools teaching is always done in French except at the International school of Lyon situated at Gerland. For those children who do not speak any French, state schools will require for them to follow 'adjustment classes' before following the normal curriculum. Please note that not all schools offer this type of class.

Private schools are fee paying and on average 260 Euros per month. As well as the traditional private schools where all teaching is done in French, there are a number of private schools where teaching is given in other languages and where teaching methods vary from the state school.

More information - International schooling in Lyon.

Those coming to Lyon with children may find it useful to contact the Cultural Department of the French Embassy in their own country to find out about the French system and how the level of classes in French schools corresponds to that in your own country.

The Economic Development Agency for Lyon and its Region (ADERLY) published an excellent guide following a study carried out in 2003 on the schooling needs of the international community in Lyon and its surrounding area. It gives information on all the international schooling options from nursery to secondary education levels; it also provides lots of useful - general information about schooling in France.

You can access the International schooling guide through the 'publications' section of the ADERLY website.

In addition, you may also visit www.islyon.org. This is the web site for a new privately run International School which opened its doors in September 2004. This school was founded in response to the growing demand from expatriates in Lyon and the surrounding area.

It is open to children from preschool (age 4) to 12th grade (age 18) all teaching is in English and the curriculum leads to British IGCSE's (10th grade) and to the International Baccalaureate (12th grade).

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