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18 January 2019

Detecting fake travel documents focus of INTERPOL training

ABUJA, Nigeria – Boosting border security in West Africa by developing its ability to detect and investigate counterfeit travel document crime was the focus of an INTERPOL course.

The three-day (16 – 18 January) security training course, jointly delivered by INTERPOL’s Counterfeit and Security Documents Branch (CCSD) and international digital security company Regula, enabled regional experts to examine new printing methods, latest document security features, recent document verification technologies and current examination techniques.

To strengthen the region’s ability to detect criminals and terrorists at border control, the 6th joint CCSD- Regula Security Document Examination Training course gathered in Abuja 23 border control officers, security officials and forensic document examiners.

“Regula collaborates regularly with INTERPOL in providing tools, training and expertise to member countries on the prevention of counterfeiting documents. Since 2016 Regula has been supporting INTERPOL in providing training courses and today is wishing to expand this practice to African countries by supporting this training in Abuja," said Andrei Dumski of Regula.

A key objective of the training was to develop the knowledge and expertise of participants in recognizing fraudulent documents and increase communication between border and immigration control officers.

“This 6th joint INTERPOL-Regula training session has served to enhance regional expertise in detecting fraudulent travel documents and focused on the latest developments in the field of document authenticity verification including advanced document examination devices from our partner Regula,” said INTERPOL Counterfeit Currency and Documents Coordinator Daniela Djidrovska.

Participants at the training course came from five INTERPOL member countries: Botswana, Ghana, Nigeria, Rwanda and Uganda.

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