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09 December 2018

Countering terrorism is a thread which binds global community says INTERPOL Chief

AQABA, Jordan – INTERPOL’s experience in military to law enforcement information exchange in the Middle East can play a key role in combating the increasing terrorist threat in East Africa.

Addressing the Aqaba Process meeting on East Africa hosted by King Abdullah II of Jordan, INTERPOL Secretary General Jürgen Stock said the lessons learned from targeting ISIS/Daesh are transferable to other theatres.

“A key component of this effort has been ensuring pertinent counter-terrorism information on the frontlines is collected, processed, consolidated and shared to the wider global community,” said Secretary General Stock.

Recognized as the global platform for sharing information between law enforcement, pursuant to UN Security Council Resolutions 2178 (2014) and 2396 (2018), INTERPOL currently holds nearly 44,000 terrorist profiles, with several thousand additional profiles related to bombmakers.

Information shared via INTERPOL has already led to the interdiction of two foreign terrorist fighters on the border between Senegal and Mauritania and the identification of multiple suspects thanks to biometrics recovered from improvised explosive devices in Iraq and the Gulf.

As a long standing member and contributor to the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS, part of the operational support provided by INTERPOL is to disseminate information collected by coalition forces to select law enforcement agencies.

Secretary General Stock said that terrorism is both a military and law enforcement challenge, with both actors needing to cooperate in order to address the threat effectively.

“INTERPOL understands that no matter where we are from, or how diverse we are, there will always be common threads that bind us and demand we work together. Terrorism is one of these threads,” concluded the INTERPOL Chief.

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