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10 October 2018

US Attorney General discusses global security issues with INTERPOL Chief

LYON, France – US Attorney General Jeff Sessions met with INTERPOL Secretary General Jürgen Stock to discuss a range of global security issues, including terrorism.

The meeting, in the margins of the G6+US Ministerial meeting in Lyon this week, also touched upon a number of US-INTERPOL initiatives including a project to strengthen the capacity of law enforcement and border security agencies in Africa.

As the most frequent user of INTERPOL’s global capabilities, Secretary General Stock said the US remains a model in integrating INTERPOL into frontline policing as part of its crime fighting activities.

Already in 2018, the US has conducted nearly 400 million searches of INTERPOL’s global databases.

The need for rank and file officers to be able to access INTERPOL’s network no matter the location of their duty station, was recognized by both the Attorney General and the INTERPOL Chief as essential.

Cybercrime was also a key topic for discussion, in particular the challenges facing law enforcement in dealing with encrypted devices and investigations on the Darknet.

“Today’s visit by the US Attorney General provided an important opportunity to review pressing security issues and the added value of international law enforcement cooperation,” said INTERPOL Secretary General Stock.

“It is only through support such as that provided by the US that we can build a strong global security architecture which helps all countries protect their citizens and visitors.

“Making sure that the right officer has the right information at the right time is a key part of this,” concluded the INTERPOL Chief.

Attorney General Sessions and Mr Stock also addressed the need for enhanced law enforcement efforts to address the evolving threat posed by foreign terrorist fighters.

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