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03 October 2018

INTERPOL Chief accepts Peruvian award on behalf of Organization

LIMA, Peru - In recognition of INTERPOL’s work, Secretary General Jürgen Stock has received the ‘Hero Mariano Santos Mateo, Martyr of the National Police of Peru’ award.

Presented by Peru’s Police Chief Richard Douglas Zubiate Talledo at a ceremony in Lima, the honour acknowledges INTERPOL’s significant contribution towards the work of the Peruvian National Police.

Important areas of cooperation between INTERPOL and Peru are the El PAaCTO (Europa-Latinoamérica Programa de asistencia contra el crimen transnacional organizado: por el Estado de Derecho y la Seguridad ciudadana) project and the CRIMJUST project aimed at strengthening criminal investigations and criminal justice cooperation along the cocaine route.

In his first official mission to Peru, the INTERPOL Chief also discussed a range of key crime issues including illegal migration and drug trafficking with Police Chief Zubiate Talledo.

Secretary General Stock said direct information sharing between Peru’s specialized drug unit and INTERPOL via I-24/7, the Organization’s secure communications network, initiated under the CRIMJUST project, was a model for other countries.

“This direct exchange means that vital intelligence is being made available both from and to frontline officers, which is essential in complex drug trafficking investigations,” said Secretary General Stock.

“The award I am honoured to receive on behalf of the Organization is also a recognition of the significant efforts being made by law enforcement in Peru to curb criminal activity and make their citizens safer,” added the INTERPOL Chief.

In addition to meeting with staff at the National Central Bureau in Lima, Secretary General Stock also visited the Antidrug and Criminal Investigation Directorates of the Peruvian National Police where he was briefed on their current activities.

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