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24 September 2018

Europe: officers trained on security document examination

BUCHAREST, Romania – With border points crucial to maintaining both national and international security, 27 border control officers and forensic document examiners have been trained in the latest security document examination techniques.

INTERPOL’s Counterfeit Currency and Security Documents unit partnered with Gemalto to deliver the three-day (17 - 19 September) training course benefiting officers from Albania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Romania, and Serbia.

The session featured a number of practical exercises, allowing officers to deepen their understanding of printing and personalization techniques, security features, and fraudulent document detection.

Participants were briefed on the full range of INTERPOL’s policing capabilities, and most notably INTERPOL’s global databases, which help frontline officers detect and prevent the fraudulent use of travel papers and administrative documents, thereby restricting the movement of criminals.

During the training session, specific emphasis was placed on the use of INTERPOL global policing capabilities, including:

  • its Stolen and Lost Travel Documents database, which currently holds nearly 80 million records on a range of documents such as passports, identity cards, and visa stamps;
  • Edison (Electronic Documentation and Information System on Investigation Networks), which provides examples of genuine travel documents, in order to help identify fakes;
  • the Digital INTERPOL Alert Library – Document (Dial-Doc), which allows countries to issue global alerts based on newly detected forms of document counterfeiting.

In his opening remarks, Sebastian Alexandrescu, Head of the Identification and Documentation Unit of the INTERPOL National Central Bureau (NCB) in Bucharest, said: “This course will give frontline police, forensic specialists and those delivering documents access to INTERPOL’s expertise, enabling them to improve their knowledge and secure our borders for a better life, without threats.”

Daniela Djidrovska, Coordinator for INTERPOL’s Counterfeit Currency and Security Documents unit, highlighted the benefits of working with private sector partners to fight counterfeit documents.

“This third joint INTERPOL-Gemalto training session not only enhances the document examination capacity of the border control officers on the international level, it increases their ability to use recognized guidelines and the use of advanced security solutions,” she said.

Lovro Persen, Security Document and Product expert for Gemalto underlined the strong relationship between Gemalto and INTERPOL: “Gemalto is a trusted partner of INTERPOL’s in the field of security document examination and this event highlights cutting edge solutions for document production and verification.”

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