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20 December 2017

Anti-corruption and integrity in sport focus of INTERPOL meetings

ABU DHABI, UAE – The complexities of international corruption and the corresponding need for a multi-sector and cross-border response were highlighted in meetings (13 and 14 December) held by INTERPOL in Abu Dhabi.

Exchanging information via INTERPOL’s global tools and services in the area of anti-corruption, asset recovery and money laundering was high on the agenda during the 1st Expert Working Group Meeting on the Global Focal Point Platform on Asset Recovery organized by INTERPOL Anti-Corruption’s unit and funded by the US Department of State and the Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters (GHQ).

The Expert Group Meeting addressed the need to formulate guidelines – including on methodology and good practices – on integrating asset recovery in organized crime investigations which face different national legislations, rules, regulations, procedures and administrative arrangements governing asset recovery.

The event provided an opportunity to establish direct working relationships and facilitate the exchange of knowledge, thereby enhancing international cooperation in the area of asset recovery area through the Global Focal Point Platform, a secure, neutral platform for information exchange.

With the need for an effective, coordinated response to counter the threat of competition manipulation and related corruption in the sports world, INTERPOL’s Anti-Corruption unit and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) also organized an integrity in sport national workshop, in cooperation with the Abu Dhabi Police GHQ.

The workshop was part of INTERPOL’s training programme to assist countries in addressing the criminal challenges posed by competition manipulation, corruption and other threats to the integrity of sport.

INTERPOL-IOC Integrity in Sport national workshops are organized in countries worldwide to foster collaboration between law enforcement, the National Olympic Committee and national sports federations, public authorities (including Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Education and sports bodies), the betting industry and other actors involved in preventing the infiltration of crime into sport, particularly in relation to competition manipulation.

The Abu Dhabi workshop aimed in particular to identify key stakeholders for the development of a coordinated national approach in the UAE that protects the integrity of sport and facilitates the national and international cooperation necessary for preventing and investigating competition manipulation and other threats to the integrity of sport.

It also sought to develop understanding of the global threat from competition manipulation and irregular / illegal sports betting and its impact at the national level, and identify best practices to prevent competition manipulation and corruption in sport.

The national workshop gathered some 40 participants from law enforcement, the UAE National Olympic Committee, national sport federations, and public authorities.

Cooperation between INTERPOL and the IOC in the area of sports integrity was formalized in a Memorandum of Understanding signed in January 2014.