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18 December 2017

INTERPOL Chief and Moldovan Prime Minister meet on police collaboration

CHISINAU, Moldova – International police collaboration against transnational crime was the focus of a meeting between Moldovan Prime Minister Pavel Filip and INTERPOL Secretary General Jürgen Stock.

The two leaders discussed areas of ongoing cooperation to further enhance Moldova’s law enforcement capacity to identify, investigate and tackle security threats facing the country and the region.

Visiting the country on its 27th National Police Day, Secretary General Stock commended Moldova for its contribution to global law enforcement, including its high number of searches per capita against INTERPOL’s global databases such as for Stolen and Lost Travel Documents.

Since 2004, the country’s law enforcement has been operationally connected to I-24/7, INTERPOL’s global secure network for exchanging police data.

In 2010, the network was expanded to border-crossing stations and police stations beyond INTERPOL’s National Central Bureau (NCB) in Chisinau, allowing Moldova to become a top contributing country on fugitive data recorded and shared via INTERPOL’s global databases.

This advanced access allowed Moldova’s law enforcement to query INTERPOL’s databases more than 20 million times in 2017 alone.

“Moldova is to be congratulated for its commitment to international law enforcement collaboration, and to working with its counterparts globally through INTERPOL’s network to make our hyper connected, digital world a safer place,” said Secretary General Stock.

“My talks with Prime Minister Filip and other senior officials have underlined our shared vision for a unified and global response against transnational organized crime and terrorism. To this end, optimizing the use of existing trusted networks both regionally and internationally is essential,” added Secretary General Stock.

Underscoring Moldova’s partnership with INTERPOL, the country’s involvement in Project Interflow against drug trafficking has for example contributed extensive information on Moldovan drug couriers in the Balkan trafficking routes.

In addition, along with 43 other countries Moldova is part of Project Millennium, a regional forum which has seen the country share intelligence on Eurasian transnational crime groups.

During his visit, Secretary General Stock also met with the President of the country’s Parliament, Andrian Candu, Minister of Internal Affairs Alexandru Jizdan, Head of the General Police Inspectorate Alexandru Pinzari, INTERPOL’s Executive Committee Delegate for Europe, Fredolin Lecari, and the Head of International Police Cooperation Centre of the General Police Inspectorate, Viorel Tentiu, who is also Head of NCB Chisinau.