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19 October 2017

Agreement between INTERPOL and BI.ZONE to boost efforts against cybercrime

SINGAPORE – INTERPOL and BI.ZONE have concluded an agreement to establish closer cooperation between the two organizations in the global fight against cybercrime.

The arrangement sets out a legal framework for the exchange of data on cyberthreats and the latest criminal trends in cybercrime between INTERPOL and BI.ZONE.

Under the agreement, BI.ZONE’s experts will provide INTERPOL with cybersecurity expertise, in-depth analysis of current trends and insights into evolving threats to assist the Organization in its efforts to identify cybercriminals and prevent cyberattacks.

In addition, BI.ZONE will also share expertise with INTERPOL in conducting analysis of cybercrime-related issues.

BI.ZONE, a subsidiary of Sberbank Group, provides cybersecurity, incident investigation and prevention services worldwide. 

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