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18 August 2017

ASEAN National Central Bureaus gather to promote regional security

SINGAPORE – The inaugural meeting of Heads of INTERPOL National Central Bureaus (NCBs) from the 10 ASEAN countries saw senior police leaders from across the region gather to address key transnational crime threats.

Held at the INTERPOL Global Complex for Innovation (IGCI) in Singapore, the conference provided a forum for exchanging information and best practices; developing strong professional relationships; and developing strategies to tackle the most pressing crimes affecting the region.

With regional cooperation and information sharing at the heart of the global security architecture, the 15 participants reaffirmed the vital role of strongly coordinated NCBs in promoting international cooperation and data exchange.

INTERPOL’s Director of Capacity Building and Training, Harold O’Connell said: “The exchange of knowledge and best practices is of mutual benefit to each ASEAN country, as well as to INTERPOL, as it allows us to identify where our support will be the most effective in day-to-day policing operations to best ensure that our global network makes a difference to officers on the frontlines.”

The 4 August meeting was organized by INTERPOL, through its Government of Canada-funded Project Sunbird, and the Singapore Police Force.

Deputy Assistant Commissioner of Police Chua Chee Wai, Director of International Cooperation Department, Singapore Police Force and Head of the NCB in Singapore, highlighted the importance of international cooperation and encouraged all NCBs in the ASEAN region to work in close collaboration with INTERPOL to tackle transnational crime.

“With its established infrastructure and operational support capabilities, INTERPOL is favourably positioned to support the development of unique initiatives to combat threats ranging from terrorism to cybercrime,” he said.

Following positive feedback from the participating countries, future meetings are envisioned to continue advancing regional crime-fighting efforts.