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08 June 2017

Transnational terrorism focus of INTERPOL meeting

ATHENS, Greece – An international counter-terrorism meeting has been held in Athens under the auspices of INTERPOL’s Project Nexus to review regional and global trends on the activities and movement of returning Foreign Terrorist Fighters (FTFs).

The three-day (6 – 8 June) INTERPOL Project Nexus Working Group Meeting on Foreign Terrorist Fighters gathered more than 60 representatives from the counter-terrorism units of 32 countries from Europe and the Mediterranean.

Co-hosted by the Greek Police and INTERPOL, the meeting was part of INTERPOL’s global counter-terrorism strategy which focuses on assisting INTERPOL member countries in targeted regions to contain and disrupt transnational terrorist activities, including by addressing information gaps.

“Today, ‘jihadist terrorism’ is a destabilizing factor for both domestic and international security. Recent attacks in Europe and elsewhere have demonstrated clearly that terrorism knows no borders and constitutes an ever-increasing hazard to human life,” said Brigadier General Ilias Xanthakis, Head of Greece’s International Police Cooperation Directorate.

“A far-reaching, effective fight against terrorism requires us to pursue, extend and strengthen our efforts and cooperation, both at bilateral but mostly in multilateral level,” added Brigadier General Xanthakis.

During the meeting the country representatives shared relevant experiences and recent case studies related to the FTF threat landscape in the Mediterranean, the Balkans and Eastern Europe.

"In line with its global counter-terrorism strategy, and through a better understanding of the modus operandi of FTFs, INTERPOL is stepping up its efforts in assisting member countries combat terrorist threats, especially in the area of FTF identification and travel route analysis,” said Karel Pelan, Assistant Director of INTERPOL’s Counter-Terrorism unit.

Project Nexus is funded by the INTERPOL Foundation for a Safer World.