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31 January 2017

Combating sports corruption focus of INTERPOL-IOC law enforcement training

ROME, Italy ‒ Law enforcement specialists in combating organized crime and money laundering have taken part in the first International Law Enforcement Investigators’ Training in Integrity in Sports.

Jointly run by INTERPOL and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in cooperation with the INTERPOL National Central Bureau in Rome, the course focused on the global threat of competition manipulation, illegal betting, and other criminal matters relating to sports.

Officials from Albania, Hungary, Italy, Macedonia, Malta, San Marino and Switzerland took part in the two-day (26 and 27 January) course which focused on case evaluation, evidence collection and information exchange.

Conducted on a train-the-trainer basis, participants will now share the expertise gathered during the course with colleagues to support national efforts in preventing and investigating corruption in sports.