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11 December 2015

INTERPOL counter-terrorism training strengthens impact of UNSC sanctions in Southeast Asia

SINGAPORE – INTERPOL has conducted a training workshop aimed at reinforcing the impact of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) Sanctions Regimes, particularly the travel ban, by enhancing the quality and implementation of the INTERPOL-UNSC Special Notices.

The five-day (30 November to 4 December) workshop was the third in a series of training courses coordinated by the INTERPOL Capacity Building Programme on ‘Preventing Sanctioned Individuals from Freely Moving through Southeast Asia’, which aims to prevent the travel of UN-sanctioned individuals in the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) region.

Bringing together 16 participants from nine countries, the course sought to reinforce the knowledge acquired in the previous courses and ensure the sustainability of the programme by arming participants with the skills to effectively train their colleagues upon their return to their home administrations.

Following a three day ‘train-the-trainer’ session, participants took part in practical exercises focusing on  the implementation of UNSC Sanctions Regimes, counter-terrorism investigations, border management, human rights, and INTERPOL’s global policing capabilities, particularly the INTERPOL-UNSC Special Notice.

Tony Ho, Deputy Special Representative of INTERPOL to the United Nations, highlighted the crucial role of the session in ‘ensuring that the benefits of the programme are felt by the broader law enforcement community in the ASEAN region’.

Held in collaboration with the UN Security Council, the training session brought together representatives from INTERPOL National Central Bureaus, counter-terrorism Units, border police and immigration agencies, as well as relevant government entities in Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

The goals of the capacity building programme, funded by the Government of Canada, are in line with UNSC Resolution 2178 which highlights the important role that INTERPOL’s tools and services play in the global fight against terrorism.