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12 November 2015

Security and Environmental Crime conference issues call for action

NIMES, France – International experts in the fight against environmental crime have issued a 15-point call for action to raise awareness and encourage greater involvement by the global community.

With environmental crime generating illicit profits estimated between USD 70 and USD 213 billion annually, the Security and Environmental Crime conference addressed a wide range of issues including the trafficking of toxic waste, illegal fishing and logging and trafficking in protected species of wild fauna and flora.

The call to action includes measures based on five strategic priorities to:

  • ­Strengthen environmental crimes prevention
  • ­Pursue the coordination efforts to fight against criminal networks
  • ­Intensify environmental crimes prosecution
  • ­Improve remedies for damages caused by environmental crimes
  • ­Monitor the impact of the measures taken against environmental crimes. 

Attended by some 250 experts from law enforcement, government, international organizations and NGOs, the conference was jointly organized by INTERPOL’s Environmental Security unit and the France-based International Forum on Technology and Security (FITS), supported by the Nîmes Metropole.

The two-day (9 and 10 November) conference was followed by a meeting of INTERPOL’s Pollution Crime Working Group (PCWG) which elected a new Board with representatives from Angola, Cameroon,  Indonesia, The Netherlands (Vice Chair), South Africa and the United States (Chair).

Under the leadership of the new Board, key future activities in line INTERPOL’s strategic goals were identified as raising awareness, enhancing the exchange of information, capacity development and operations.

The Board will report to the Organization’s Environmental Compliance and Enforcement Committee meeting which will convene following the 2nd INTERPOL–UNEP International Environmental Compliance and Enforcement Conference, to be held in Singapore.

The upcoming (16 and 17 November) high-level conference organized by INTERPOL and the United Nations Environment Programme will bring together executive leaders from environmental security and law enforcement worldwide to discuss the most pressing challenges, review steps taken since the first conference in 2013, and develop a joint action plan for the coming years.

The INTERPOL-UNEP conference comes ahead of the 2015 United Nations Conference on Climate Change (#COP21) which will be held in Paris from November 30 to December 11 where governments aim to reach a new and universal climate change agreement.