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28 July 2015

New equipment boosts Royal Thai Police investigative capacity

BANGKOK, Thailand – To strengthen the capacity of the Royal Thai Police to more effectively prevent and investigate people smuggling activities, INTERPOL has provided new police technology and equipment to its Crime Suppression Division.

The equipment – including infrared binoculars, cameras, GPS systems and bullet-proof equipment – will assist the Royal Thai Police in the identification of potential suspects involved in people smuggling operations and the tracking of their movements throughout the country. The initiative further promotes the development of an accurate intelligence picture to disrupt smuggling rings and fosters closer cooperation with key national and international partners.

The initiative was funded by the Government of Canada and implemented in cooperation with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and the Canada Border Services Agency.

Mr Philip Calvert, Ambassador of Canada to Thailand, Cambodia and Laos, underlined that it is “essential to effective policing and will assist the Royal Thai Police in carrying out their policing duties.”

Dale Sheehan, INTERPOL’s Director of Capacity Building and Training, underscored the important role of the Royal Thai Police in supporting regional and global security through its participation in a range of law enforcement initiatives.

“By constantly keeping up to date with the most recent technological advances, the Royal Thai Police is on its way to establishing an organizational model for people smuggling investigations that serves as an example beyond its jurisdiction,” he added.

The initiative is part of INTERPOL’s ongoing efforts to support law enforcement in the region.