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25 June 2015

Official visit to INTERPOL by Frances Fitzgerald, Ireland’s Minister for Justice and Equality

Organized crime, illegal immigration and terrorism on agenda

LYON, France – Enhanced cooperation in combating transnational organized crime was high on the agenda during a visit of Ireland’s Minister for Justice and Equality to the INTERPOL General Secretariat headquarters today.

Minister Frances Fitzgerald met with the INTERPOL Secretary General Jürgen Stock and other senior officials to discuss a range of issues including illegal immigration, border security, terrorism and combating child exploitation.

The Minister also provided an overview of the Irish Criminal Assets Bureau (CAB) and its multi-agency, multi-disciplinary partnership approach in investigations into the suspected proceeds of criminal conduct.

“Ireland will continue to play a key role in dealing with threats to national and international security and in particular the threats from terrorism, child exploitation and organized criminal activity. For this reason I am delighted to pay an official visit to the INTERPOL General Secretariat headquarters to hear at first hand their experiences in dealing with these issues,” said the Minister.

“In today’s modern world, where borders are almost invisible to modern technology, INTERPOL is a critical element in the constant fight against international and transnational criminal activity,” said Minister Fitzgerald.

“Through the networks and cooperation established and underpinned by organizations such as INTERPOL, Ireland has had significant successes in targeting those engaged in such activities and in particular in targeting the assets of those who have engaged in these activities.”

As an Garda Síochána, Ireland’s national police force, undergoes a series of changes under its new Commissioner, Minister Fitzgerald and Secretary General Stock also discussed the need for ongoing reform to meet evolving challenges in combating transnational crime.

“As the world’s largest police organization, we are in the unique position of being able to learn from the experiences of our 190 member countries in tackling various crime issues and ensure these best practises can be shared,” said Secretary General Stock.

“Ireland remains a strong partner in our united efforts to make the world safer and I look forward to our continued cooperation,” concluded the INTERPOL Chief.

During her visit Minister Fitzgerald was also updated on INTERPOL's global tools and services which assist law enforcement worldwide on a daily basis, including in police training and capacity building.

Frances Fitzgerald, Ireland's Minister for Justice and Equality visits INTERPOL