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30 January 2015

Costa Rica police capacity boosted with new INTERPOL technology

SAN JOSE, Costa Rica – Costa Rica’s analytical and investigative police capacity has been strengthened after INTERPOL fitted the country’s Drug Control Police(Policía de Control de Drogas)and the Judicial Investigation Department(Organismo de Investigación Judicial)with new analytical and digital forensics software and hardware.

Funded by the Canadian Government, the activity is part of a larger multi-year Police Enhancement programme,  initiated and implemented by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) in partnership with the Canadian Police College.

By integrating state-of-the-art digital forensics tools and intelligence data management applications the Drug Control Police and the Judicial Investigation Department have increased their investigative and analytical capability.

The new technology facilitates the collection of criminal evidence from a vast variety of devices, file systems and analysis.