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02 September 2014

INTERPOL Chief visits Chad to help boost police via global network

N'DJAMENA, Chad – INTERPOL Secretary General Ronald K. Noble has made his first official visit to Chad to discuss the needs of the country’s police and determine first-hand how INTERPOL’s global network can strengthen its national and regional security efforts.
To this end, empowering police and building law enforcement capacity through INTERPOL’s global tools, training and services topped the agenda in Secretary General Noble’s meetings with Chad’s Prime Minister, Kalzeubet Pahimi Deubet, Minister of Territorial Administration and Public Security Abdel Rahim Bereme Hamid, and Director General of National Police Tahir Erda Taïro.

Giving special recognition to the world's largest police organization, the Head of INTERPOL was also made Officier de l' Ordre National du Tchad during his meeting with the country’s Prime Minister.

With the country facing transnational security issues which include human trafficking, border conflicts, drug and weapons trafficking, as well as terrorism, Secretary General Noble highlighted Chad’s role in INTERPOL security initiatives in the region.
In 2013 Chad was one of nine countries in the region which took part in Operation Hawk, an international counter-terrorism programme using INTERPOL tools to screen passenger documents at major airports and border points.
Under the umbrella of INTERPOL’s Border Management Task Force, the operation saw Chad and other participating countries contribute to international investigations on terrorist attacks in the Sahel region. In addition to screening travel data, the operation also included a crime scene table-top exercise and training on conducting regional counter-terrorism investigations.
To promote border security in Central Africa, an agreement last year between INTERPOL and the Communauté Économique et Monétaire de l’Afrique Centrale (CEMAC) extended access to INTERPOL’s tools and services to key border points in six Central African countries. It provided a framework for linking 40 border points in Chad and the other CEMAC countries to I-24/7, INTERPOL’s secure police communications system.
“Efforts to strengthen Chad’s police services and capacity remain a critical step in the country’s ability to protect its citizens,” said Secretary General Noble.
“INTERPOL is therefore working to identify ways to further support Chad’s police authorities to enhance security in the country and beyond its borders, including through training and the provision of our global services and policing tools,” added the INTERPOL Chief.
Chad is amongst 73 INTERPOL member countries worldwide to have recognized the INTERPOL Travel Document which enables the world police body to provide faster support to countries requesting assistance.
Secretary General Noble also visited INTERPOL’s National Central Bureau (NCB) in N'Djamena where he met staff and Head of NCB Bardaga Diar Ousmane to further identify policing needs.