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05 May 2014

Libya Minister visit to INTERPOL focuses on increasing cooperation

LYON, France – Identifying ways to further enhance cooperation with INTERPOL was the focus of a visit by Libya’s Minister of Interior, Saleh Mazan Albarassi to the world police body’s General Secretariat headquarters.

Minister Albarassi met with INTERPOL Secretary General Ronald K. Noble to discuss a broad range of international security issues facing the country and the region, including those related to border management, stolen motor vehicle and human trafficking, terrorism and law enforcement training.

“Libya is committed to working with INTERPOL and law enforcement worldwide in combating all forms of transnational organized crime, and we look forward to enhancing our already strong cooperation with the global police community,” said Minister Albarassi.

To strengthen Libya’s capacity to identify and tackle security threats facing the country during its rebuilding period, in 2012 INTERPOL launched Project RELINC (Rebuilding Libya’s Investigative Capability). Funded by the European Union, Project RELINC aims to assist Libyan authorities in improving the country’s ability to identify security challenges and effectively investigate criminal and terrorist activity.

“With Libya’s transition towards peace and security under threat by transnational organized crime and terrorism, police worldwide must support their counterparts in Libya to ensure the country does not have a destabilizing effect on security throughout the region and the world,” said Secretary General Noble.

During his visit, Minister Albarassi also confirmed the implementation of the INTERPOL Travel Document within Libya, granting a visa facilitation to holders of the document when travelling to the country on official INTERPOL-related business.

Currently recognized by 72 countries, the INTERPOL Travel Document enables the Organization to provide faster on-site support to member countries requesting assistance.

The Libyan delegation – which included Director of International Cooperation and Relations, Colonel Al Mabrouk Abdu Lhafeid Melad; and Head of National Central Bureau Libya, Colonel Farid Saleh Ali – was also briefed on INTERPOL’s global tools and services.