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26 March 2014

Effectively tackling drug trafficking across Africa focus of INTERPOL meeting

LYON, France – Addressing drug trafficking and the diversion of chemical substances in Africa was the focus of INTERPOL’s Annual Working Group meeting of Project Interflow. 

Some 85 drug investigation specialists from 38 countries across Africa, the Americas, the Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East, as well as Europol and the Maritime Analysis and Operations Centre–Narcotics (MAOC–N) attended the two-day meeting (24 and 25 March) which focused on criminal organizations involved in drug trafficking, drug production and emerging smuggling routes.

Another key issue was the influx of heroin to the East Africa through maritime routes as highlighted in an INTERPOL Analytical Intelligence Report presented to the meeting.

INTERPOL’s Director of Specialized Crime and Analysis, Glyn Lewis, emphasized that increased input into INTERPOL’s global databases would enable the Organization to provide better analytical and operational support to member countries affected by drug trafficking.

Organized by INTERPOL’s Criminal Organizations and Drugs unit, the meeting enabled specialists to share information in relation to ongoing cases and identify areas for further cooperation using INTERPOL’s global tools and secure communications network.