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26 February 2014

Yemen underscores cooperation with INTERPOL by implementing travel document

LYON, France – Underlining Yemen’s commitment to global security and international police cooperation, Head of the INTERPOL National Central Bureau (NCB) in Yemen, Ali Mansoor Alshamiri signed an official agreement to implement the INTERPOL Travel Document during his visit to the world police body’s General Secretariat headquarters.

The agreement, signed by Mr Alshamiri and INTERPOL Secretary General Ronald K. Noble, will grant a visa exemption to holders of the travel document when travelling to Yemen on official INTERPOL or police-related business. Yemen announced its recognition of the travel document in 2012.

Currently recognized by 67 countries, the INTERPOL Travel Document enables the Organization to provide faster on-site support to member countries requesting assistance.

“Yemen is honoured to be among the member countries which have implemented the INTERPOL passport, as an indication of our ongoing commitment to enhancing global law enforcement cooperation,” said Mr Alshamiri.

Highlighting Yemen’s involvement in INTERPOL initiatives on drug trafficking, such as a working group on drugs in the Middle East, and maritime piracy, participating in training sessions as part of the European Union-funded Critical Maritime Routes – Law Enforcement (CRIMLEA) programme, Secretary General Noble said the country has demonstrated a willingness to improve regional and global security.

“By working closely with INTERPOL in tackling a range of transnational crimes, Yemen enhances the safety and security of citizens in the region and has become a key partner for INTERPOL.

“Its formal implementation of the INTERPOL Travel Document is yet another example of Yemen’s dedication to making the world a safer place,” concluded the INTERPOL Chief.

In addition, Yemeni authorities have participated in a number of INTERPOL training sessions on INTERPOL Notices, counter-terrorism, and match-fixing in football.