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26 November 2013 - Media release

First INTERPOL workshop in Dubai underlines region’s strategic role against illicit trade

Cooperation with EIPA seeks to boost global response to intellectual property crime

DUBAI, UAE  – Senior law enforcement officials from the United Arab Emirates have gathered in Dubai for the first INTERPOL Intellectual Property Crimes Workshop in the Middle East to identify how authorities across the region can work more closely via INTERPOL to combat transnational organized illicit trade.

Co-organized with the Emirates Intellectual Property Association (EIPA), the two-day operational planning workshop (24-25 November) was organized by INTERPOL’s Trafficking in Illicit Goods and Counterfeiting (TIGC) programme and held under the aegis of the 3rd Conference on the Fight Against Intellectual Property Crime.

Some 300 police and customs officials from across the UAE discussed the global challenges posed by illicit trade and the criminal networks behind this type of crime, with the aim of developing solutions to boost regional and international cooperation for a more effective global response.

Lieutenant General Dahi Khalfan Tamim, Deputy Chairman of Police and Security in Dubai city, said: “The Dubai Police has a long history of close and successful cooperation with INTERPOL in turning back crime. We welcome this first operational planning workshop to establish a framework against the growing crime and corruption tied to illicit trade.

“This specific type of crime has an international dimension that requires coordination at a regional and global level if we are to be successful in protecting the intellectual property of the 'creative generation'. By working closely together we can send a strong message to the transnational criminal networks which use illicit trade as a key funding source.”

With the INTERPOL workshop underlining the strategic geographical location of the UAE both as a trade gateway to the Middle East and Africa and a regional trade hub between Europe and Asia, EIPA Chairman Major General Abdelkoudos Aloubaidali said: “The Emirates Intellectual Property Association is very proud to launch this strategic partnership with INTERPOL to unify all efforts within the UAE against IP crime and help national partners create a cooperation bridge with international bodies.

“INTERPOL'sTrafficking inIllicitGoods andCounterfeiting programme adds another facet to the fight against illicit trade in the region and EIPA will join this effort to make the world a safer place,” the EIPA Chairman added.  

The Head of INTERPOL ‘s Trafficking in Illicit Goods and Counterfeiting programme, Michael Ellis, said illicit trade had grown to an unprecedented level, posing tremendous risks to society and the global economy.

“Through the workshop, INTERPOL has sought to develop a platform of cooperation which will lead to capacity building and operations in what is a major business hub and gateway for the movement of goods through the region,” said Mr Ellis.

“This meeting is important because Dubai is a centre for commerce and technology and is the bridge between the Middle East and the West for goods produced in Asia.”

Mr Ellis said that since the start of the year, counterfeit goods worth USD 176 million had been seized globally via INTERPOL operations and that many criminal networks were disrupted and destroyed as a result of collaborative enforcement actions.

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