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17 June 2013 - Media release

Monaco police chief visits INTERPOL ahead of landmark General Assembly

Head of INTERPOL commends Monaco’s commitment to international police cooperation

LYON, France –Monaco’s Director of Public Security and Head of National Central Bureau (NCB), Régis Asso was briefed on recent law enforcement successes involving the Principality during his visit to the world police body’s General Secretariat headquarters in Lyon.

During meetings with Director Asso and Deputy Director Richard Marangoni, INTERPOL Secretary General Ronald K. Noble highlighted INTERPOL’s Project Millennium as an area where Monaco has had a considerable influence on successful law enforcement cooperation.

Project Millennium targets transnational Eurasian organized crime groups whose activities include drug trafficking, human smuggling, money laundering and extortion all over the world. In a recent case, police in Monaco requested INTERPOL Blue Notices for two Russian men following an armed robbery of a jewellery shop in Monte Carlo. Through the Project Millennium network, the two men were positively  identified and linked to other robberies which had occurred in Switzerland.

Other recent successes include the recovery in Paris of a statue stolen from a boutique in Monaco in March 2013, and the arrest of the two suspects just days later, thanks to swift collaboration and information exchange between the INTERPOL NCBs in Monaco, Paris and Brussels.

Monaco has also played a key role in INTERPOL’s Project Pink Panthers. The project centralizes information relating to hundreds of suspected international jewel thieves linked to more than 300 robberies in 35 countries, with the value of stolen jewellery estimated at more than EUR 330 million and has already let to hundreds of arrests across the globe, including in Monaco.   

“These cases involving Monaco are prime examples of what can be achieved when police around the world take advantage of the global tools and services offered by INTERPOL to share critical information and cooperate to bring criminals to justice,” said Secretary General Noble.

“Monaco is to be commended for its commitment to enhancing international law enforcement collaboration, and working with its counterparts globally and with INTERPOL to make the world a safer place,” concluded the INTERPOL Chief.

With the origins of INTERPOL rooted in the first International Criminal Police Congress organized and held in Monaco in 1914, to mark 100 years of international law enforcement cooperation the Principality is hosting the 2014 INTERPOL General Assembly.

“Our visit is a key opportunity to lay the groundwork for close collaboration in the planning of the INTERPOL General Assembly in November 2014 in Monaco, and it underlines the strong and longstanding partnership which exists between the national police of Monaco and INTERPOL,” said Director Asso.

In addition to the General Assembly in Monaco, preparations are under way on various activities to commemorate the anniversary throughout the coming year.