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22 May 2013 - Media release

Ukraine’s international security role focus of Prosecutor General’s visit to INTERPOL

LYON, France – International law enforcement cooperation via INTERPOL’s global network was among the key issues in talks between the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, Viktor Pshonka, and INTERPOL Secretary General Ronald K. Noble at the world police body’s General Secretariat headquarters.

The visit by Mr Pshonka provided an opportunity for reviewing national, regional and global security issues such as transnational organized crime in Eurasia and beyond, trafficking in illicit goods and counterfeiting, cybercrime, economic and financial crimes, and fugitive investigations.

INTERPOL’s global security initiatives and the provision of its global tools and services to its 190 member countries also topped the agenda.

“Ukraine strongly supports using an international approach in the fight against crime and of working with key international partners such as INTERPOL to pursue common security goals. My meeting with Secretary General Noble has therefore provided an important opportunity to reaffirm the need for international cooperation and to identify areas where we can work even more closely for the benefit of citizens and police in Ukraine and the region,” said Mr Pshonka.

Secretary General Noble underlined Ukraine’s active role in combating transnational crimes, notably through the country’s strong participation among 45 countries in INTERPOL’s Project Millennium which targets transnational Eurasian organized crime groups.

The country hosted a meeting in May 2011 that offered an effective forum for intelligence sharing and international police cooperation under the Millennium umbrella, and in January 2012 thanks to fingerprints sent by INTERPOL’s National Central Bureau in Kiev a transnational crime suspect targeted by the Project was extradited from Sweden to Georgia.

In May 2012, Ukraine Police and Customs joined four other countries in INTERPOL’s Operation Black Poseidon against trafficking in illicit goods and counterfeiting, resulting at the time in more than 1,400 individuals arrested or under investigation and the seizure of 7.3 million illicit goods.

With nearly two million searches conducted by Ukrainian authorities against INTERPOL’s databases over the last year, Secretary General Noble said: “Ukraine’s active role in international law enforcement collaboration is making a positive contribution to regional and global security.

“Ukraine understands that international police cooperation with INTERPOL is necessary not just for the security of its citizens but also for Southeast Europe and all of Europe, at a time when globalization is seeing the expansion and diversification of transnational organized crime,” added Mr Noble.

During his visit, Mr Pshonka was accompanied by Liliia Frovola, Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine, Oleksandr Kupchyshyn, Ambassador of Ukraine to France, Andriy Ipatov, Senior Assistant of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, and Mykola Beskyshkyi, Prosecutor of Kiev City.