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17 May 2011 - Media release

Visit to INTERPOL by Luxembourg's Interior Minister underlines role of international law enforcement co-operation

LYON, France – The Minister of the Interior of Luxembourg, Jean-Marie Halsdorf, has met with INTERPOL Secretary General Ronald K. Noble to discuss areas for extending collaboration in national, regional and international security as well as the role of INTERPOL as a link between Europe and other regions.

With the partnership between INTERPOL and the European Union in tackling common crime challenges high on the agenda, Luxembourg's Minister of the Interior was updated on INTERPOL's collaboration with Europol and briefed on the full range of INTERPOL's tools and services, including its global databases. The minister was accompanied by Luxembourg's Director of Internal Security, Andrée Colas, and by INTERPOL's Special Representative to the EU, Pierre Reuland.

A key topic during the minister’s visit was the establishment of the INTERPOL Global Complex (IGC) in Singapore by early 2014 as a key international hub against 21st century crimes such as cyber-crime. In this respect, Interior Minister Halsdorf was also briefed on the recent anti-corruption initiative between FIFA and INTERPOL which will see a dedicated sports anti-corruption training wing within the IGC.

"Luxembourg has a long record in using an international approach in the fight against crime, and of working with key international partners such as INTERPOL in the pursuit of security goals common to all countries inside Europe as well as outside its borders," said Mr Halsdorf.

With Luxembourg a member of the anti-corruption StAR-INTERPOL Asset Recovery Focal Points Platform, and about to become connected to the INTERPOL International Child Sexual Exploitation database (ICSE) and due to take part later this year in INTERPOL's global operation against the online sale of illegal medical products (Operation Pangea IV), Secretary General Noble said these activities highlighted Luxembourg's leadership in international law enforcement collaboration via the world police body.

"Luxembourg plays an important role in making co-operation a reality on the ground. Its willingness to combat a range of crimes via INTERPOL and with its 188 member countries demonstrates that law enforcement in any one country cannot effectively combat crime in isolation," said the Head of INTERPOL.

"Luxembourg's commitment to INTERPOL's activities and to international policing, underpinned by its strategic role in the European Union, therefore makes it a key partner for INTERPOL," added Mr Noble, who commended Luxembourg for seconding Mr Reuland to INTERPOL as its Special Representative to the EU.

The Special Representative of INTERPOL to the European Union (SRIEU) has been accredited to the EU since July 2008. One of the key aims of his office is to promote collaboration with the EU in areas pertaining to law enforcement so as to avoid duplication and to enhance collective action.

The visit to INTERPOL by the Interior Minister of Luxembourg, Jean-Marie Halsdorf (right, top picture) focused on international co-operation and collective action against crime. The Minister met with INTERPOL Secretary General Noble (bottom pictures).