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05 April 2011

INTERPOL holds international workshop in Turkey against people smuggling

ISTANBUL, Turkey – INTERPOL has held an international operational workshop on irregular migration originating from East Africa, focusing on the strong need for co-ordination of intelligence, as well as capacity building strategies to improve existing investigative techniques.
The two-day International Workshop on People Smuggling from East Africa at the Police Education and Congress Centre (PEKOM), 30-31 March, was organized in co-operation with the Center for Terrorism and Transnational Crime (UTSAM) of The Turkish National Police, with the support of INTERPOL's National Central Bureau in Ankara.
Attended by 70 participants from 22 member countries and four international organizations, the workshop highlighted training and education as the key components to successfully deterring people smuggling, both at a law enforcement and community level by educating non-law enforcement actors.
Discussions also centered on people smuggling criminal syndicates becoming aligned with other forms of organized criminality such as drug trafficking as well as trafficking in human beings for commercial purposes, making the issue far more complex.
A strong emphasis amongst the attendees was placed on ensuring the dissemination of information using available INTERPOL tools and services via regional approaches against people smuggling.

The INTERPOL workshop against people smuggling focused on law enforcement and community training.