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15 April 2010

INTERPOL cyber and payment cards crime conference brings public and private sector together

LYON, France – Addressing the evolving nature of payment card fraud was the focus of the INTERPOL Global conference on cyber and payment card crimes at its General Secretariat headquarters.

The two-day meeting (13-14 April) focused on new and innovative ways of combating financial crimes, in particular credit card fraud in the form of ‘card-not-present’ which is among the fastest growing types of payment card fraud in many countries and regions.

The conference, supported by Visa, brought together more than 90 representatives from the law enforcement community, payment card issuers and credit institutions from 40 countries to share expertise and knowledge.

The conference was organized by INTERPOL’s Counterfeit and Security Documents Branch which is responsible for establishing programmes to provide forensic support, operational assistance and technical databases to assist INTERPOL’s 188 member countries in relation to counterfeit currency, security documents and financial crime.