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06 August 2009 - Media release

Pakistan asks INTERPOL member countries to help find 13 fugitives wanted for Mumbai terror attacks

LYON, France – INTERPOL’s National Central Bureau (NCB) in Islamabad, Pakistan, has issued a global alert for 13 individuals wanted by police authorities in Pakistan in connection with the ongoing investigation into the Mumbai terror attacks of November 2008.

The alert asks INTERPOL member countries to assist in locating the fugitives and immediately notify NCB Islamabad and INTERPOL’s General Secretariat headquarters in Lyon with any investigative leads. If the fugitives are located, Pakistani authorities will then formally request provisional arrest with a view towards extradition, in accordance with any applicable extradition treaty.

Sent via INTERPOL’s I-24/7 secure police communications network to all INTERPOL’s other 186 member countries, the alert, called a diffusion, contains the fugitives’ names and other nominal data. Registered by the Organization’s Command and Co-ordination Centre in INTERPOL’s databases of wanted persons, the diffusion will ensure that all INTERPOL’s member countries will be alerted to the wanted status of the 13 individuals and that their movements are recorded.

INTERPOL Secretary General Ronald K. Noble praised Pakistan’s co-operation with the international police community. He said the investigation into the Mumbai terror attacks highlighted the vital role played by the world police body’s international tools in supporting its member countries against terrorism by circulating information worldwide to ensure the location and eventual arrest of suspected terrorists.

"Unless terrorist-related information is registered on INTERPOL's global databases and shared among its global network, no international terrorist investigation can ever be considered complete and all countries which do not have this vital information are at risk," said Secretary General Noble.

"The authorities in Pakistan are to be commended for making full use of INTERPOL's global network and tools. This demonstrates their commitment to allowing all of INTERPOL's 187 member countries to benefit from and help with the investigation into the Mumbai terrorist attacks."

“Pakistan’s actions in this case will help set new international standards for terrorism investigations, especially those involving non-nationals," added Mr Noble.

Following the terrorist attacks on 26-29 November 2008 in Mumbai, India, which killed almost 170 people, INTERPOL immediately offered to deploy an Incident Response Team to Mumbai. An INTERPOL delegation headed by Secretary General Noble subsequently travelled to India and Pakistan to offer investigative and terrorism-prevention support and enhance international co-operation in the fight against terrorism.