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16 March 2009 - Media release

Yemen arrest of suspected terrorist wanted by Saudi Arabia praised by INTERPOL

LYON, France – Yemen police have been congratulated by INTERPOL following their arrest of one of the 85 suspected terrorists who was subject to the single largest international security alert issued on 10 February by INTERPOL at the request of Saudi Arabia.
INTERPOL’s National Central Bureau in Sana’a has confirmed that Abdullah Abdulrahman Mohammed Alharbi, who is wanted by Saudi Arabia for terrorism-related offences including being linked to Al-Qaeda, was taken into custody in Taiz Province on Sunday 15 March.
Issued to each of its 187 member countries, the INTERPOL global security alert, known as an Orange Notice, included identifying details of each of the fugitives to assist law enforcement officers make a full and proper identification when locating and arresting suspects.
“Both Yemen and Saudi Arabia are to be congratulated for their actions which have resulted in the arrest of a dangerous individual who posed a clear threat to public safety,” said INTERPOL Secretary General Ronald K. Noble.
“The request by INTERPOL’s National Central Bureau in Riyadh for an Orange notice to be published for these 85 men ensured that police around the world were alerted and could therefore take the necessary measures to locate and arrest any of these fugitives found in their country, as was the case in Yemen.
“This arrest again clearly demonstrates the value of INTERPOL’s tools and the need for all of our member countries to think not just nationally, but regionally and globally,” concluded Mr Noble.
The extradition of al-Harbi will now be dealt with on a bi-lateral basis by the Yemeni and Saudi Arabian authorities.
Originally created to warn police, public entities and other international organizations of potential threats related to disguised weapons, explosives and other dangerous materials, the Orange Notice can also be issued by INTERPOL’s General Secretariat headquarters for any act or event which poses a risk to the safety and security of citizens around the world.
At INTERPOL’s 75th General Assembly in Brazil 2006, a resolution was passed urging member countries to immediately inform the global law enforcement community via INTERPOL whenever there are suspected terrorists on the loose and to issue a security alert to help law enforcement worldwide to identify, locate and apprehend suspects.