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07 May 2009

INTERPOL holds Second International Conference on Illicit Cash Couriers

BRUSSELS, Belgium – More than 100 senior officials from 60 countries and seven International Organizations attended the Second International Conference on Illicit Cash Couriers held at the World Customs Organization (WCO) Headquarters in Brussels from 27 - 30 April 2009.

Co-hosted by the WCO, the conference provided an opportunity for police and customs officials to identify methods of co-ordinating multilateral efforts to combat money laundering across the globe, and in particular the practice known as ‘cash couriers’ – illicit cash transportation, particularly by criminal and terrorist organizations which poses a serious threat to global economic stability.  

The conference provided participants with an overall picture of current trends, highlighting new methodology used by criminal groups to launder the proceeds of crime, particularly in the form of illicit hard cash.

Strengthened co-operation between national law enforcement authorities worldwide and the need for effective and efficient implementation of mutual administrative agreements for information and intelligence exchange was underlined as vital to effectively tackle the problem.  

A series of recommendations were made regarding the implementation and use of technological devices to detect concealed currency, and other forms of payment, in  strategic locations such as borders.

The conference closed with a call for countries to improve information exchange by making national cash-courier reports and information on seizures available to the international police community  through the specialized databases at INTERPOL and WCO.