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17 December 2008

I-24/7 in Ukraine

Successful conclusion of TACIS-Ukraine project

A joint project between INTERPOL and the European Union has provided police across Ukraine with updated tools and knowledge to tackle both domestic and international crime more effectively.

A new training centre and a high-tech National Central Bureau (NCB) are powerful testimony to the success of the TACIS-Ukraine project “INTERPOL-Assisted International Co-operation in Criminal Matters by Ukrainian Law-enforcement”, which concluded on 15 November 2008. 
The TACIS Programme is a European Union initiative which fosters the development of market economies and democratic societies in Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia. The acronym stands for Technical Assistance to the Commonwealth of Independent States, and the programme is currently being deployed in several countries in the region.  

INTERPOL Kiev at the forefront of technology

TACIS-Ukraine improved the working capacity of the INTERPOL NCB in Kiev by installing innovative IT equipment and two mobile workstations. This means the NCB is now armed with the state-of-the-art technology it requires to combat emerging crime trends both in its own region and across the globe. The mobile workstations will give staff immediate access to INTERPOL's databases, wherever they are across the Ukrainian territory.

In addition, INTERPOL Kiev is now connected to the latest Push-Pull technology, meaning that data on stolen travel documents or vehicles can be automatically and instantly transferred to databases at the INTERPOL General Secretariat.

NCB working procedures have been significantly enhanced with the installation of new Document Workflow Support Software. This will reduce the need for paper documents and the NCB will very soon work on an electronic basis, thus saving significant amounts of time and money and making the documentation turnover an estimated 43% more efficient. 

Boosting police training for Ukraine

TACIS-Ukraine established a modern training centre for INTERPOL's secure police communications system, known as I-24/7, at the Kiev National University of Internal Affairs. This new training centre is a critical venue for Ukrainian police to continually improve their international policing skills and to keep abreast of new tools and services provided by the General Secretariat. E-learning modules and modern audiovisual equipment provide students with the possibility of being trained directly by staff at the General Secretariat on an ongoing basis.

TACIS-Ukraine provided a comprehensive training package for a number of officers, including I-24/7 training for the NCB branches from 12 regions of Ukraine. A budget of approximately EUR 60,000 allowed staff to participate in international events, thereby building capacity and strengthening international policing skills. A total of 38 officers from five regions of Ukraine participated in 27 INTERPOL events, seminars and study tours held in 12 different countries during the 22 months of the project. 

Investing for the future

The TACIS-Ukraine project achieved significant results, not least of which were savings of more than EUR 100,000 through successful negotiations with the supplying company. The project's successes were accomplished on a budget of less than EUR 1 million and in less than two years. Ukraine law enforcement agencies now have a solid basis for regional and international co-operation for fighting national and international crime successfully and permanently.