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05 June 2007 - Media release

INTERPOL issues Red Notice for suspect linked to violent crimes across Europe

05 July 2007 (updated)

LYON, France – INTERPOL has issued an international wanted persons notice for the suspect in an armed robbery of a jewellery store in Monaco whom fingerprint examiners at the INTERPOL General Secretariat identified as a serial criminal wanted throughout Europe for attempted murder and other violent crimes.

The Red Notice was issued 5 July at the request of Montenegro, where the man escaped from prison in October 2005 while serving a sentence for attempted murder.

‘Although the focus for law enforcement today is often terrorism and other high-profile crimes, this case really represents the essence of international police co-operation and the key role INTERPOL can play in assisting our National Central Bureaus to detect otherwise hidden connections,’ said Jean-Michel Louboutin, INTERPOL’s Executive Director of Police Services.

‘Through fundamental police work, we identified a dangerous criminal suspect, linked him to crimes in many different countries and moved one step closer to ending his years-long crime spree.’

Finger marks recovered from the crime scene in Monaco on 21 June were run against INTERPOL’s fingerprint database, resulting in a positive match with an individual whose fingerprints and nominal data had been submitted by Serbia and Montenegro in June 2004.

Additional checks of INTERPOL’s databases revealed that the man was also sought by Austria, Belgium, France, Germany and Switzerland for armed robberies of jewellery stores and other serious crimes. He was the subject of a European Arrest Warrant issued by France.

Specialist officers at INTERPOL have helped co-ordinate cross-border investigations into Balkan organized crime groups targeting high-end jewellery stores, with INTERPOL Red Notices issued for several suspected gang members operating throughout the world.

INTERPOL’s fingerprint database contains close to 63,000 sets submitted by 146 member countries and has recorded more than 500 positive matches since 2001.