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18 June 2007 - Media release

Croatian police take access to INTERPOL’s databases to next level

ZAGREB – Police throughout Croatia will be the first in the world to have direct access to INTERPOL’s databases via mobile phones and laptops.

Technical solutions developed by Croatian authorities and the INTERPOL General Secretariat mean that any law enforcement officer anywhere in the country will be able to instantly verify a person’s identity, their travel documents or the vehicle they are travelling in.

INTERPOL Secretary General Ronald K. Noble, Minister of the Interior Ivica Kirin and Head of Croatian Police Marijan Benko unveiled the new system at the General Police Directorate today, Monday.

'I am proud that Croatia is the first country to introduce this technology which will be a significant boost to law enforcement throughout the country,' said Minister Kirin.

'It also demonstrates our commitment to working with INTERPOL and our law enforcement colleagues around the world in fighting all types of crime.'

The idea to access INTERPOL’s databases via a mobile platform was suggested by NCB Zagreb when they began expanding access to I-24/7 to border control points. It was soon recognised that the infrastructure to connect all workstations was either inadequate or non-existent in many areas.

'This is a significant advancement in ensuring that information contributed by our National Central Bureaus in each of our 186 member countries is where it needs to be, which is in the field,' said INTERPOL Secretary General Ronald K. Noble

'Police work is not restricted to offices or any one specific location, so neither should be the access they require to the information they need to do their job.

'The solution developed by Croatia is a significant step forward in the development of international law enforcement co-operation and one which I hope we will see developed around the world.'

The mobile connection is now being rolled out throughout the country and all police units in Croatia are expected to have access via the mobile network within the next four to six weeks.