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18 May 2007

INTERPOL Anti-Heroin Smuggling Training Centre opens in Russia

RUSSIA - A new centre to train police officers from around the world in detecting and investigating heroin smuggling was opened in Russia by INTERPOL Secretary General Ronald K. Noble and Russian Minister of the Interior Rashid Nurgaliev on May 14.

The INTERPOL Anti-Heroin Smuggling Training Centre in Domodedovo near Moscow will provide comprehensive instruction in combating illegal drug trafficking for more than two thousand law enforcement professionals each year.

To further support the centre’s activities, I-24/7, INTERPOL’s secure global police communications network, will also be connected to the facility, enabling the centre to communicate directly with INTERPOL’s General Secretariat and National Central Bureaus throughout the organization’s 186 member countries.

'This will place the centre at the heart of international police co-operation and ensure that countries well beyond Russia and central Asia benefit from its activities and can gain access to intelligence on heroin smuggling,' said Secretary General Noble at the inauguration.

'I am both proud and pleased that INTERPOL and Russia have worked together to achieve this, especially now when we are seeing dramatic increases in the production of heroin in the region which poses a grave and growing threat to the health and safety of people throughout the world.'

Mr Noble praised Minister Nurgaliev’s leadership in bringing the training centre to Russia and the country’s ongoing support of INTERPOL initiatives around the world, including Project Millenium which focuses on transnational Eurasian organized crime.