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09 December 2016

Global corruption in forestry sector worth USD 29 billion a year – INTERPOL report

08 December 2016

INTERPOL-led operation dismantles criminal networks behind fake goods

08 December 2016

Environmental crime threatening peace and security, finds new INTERPOL-UN Environment report

07 December 2016

INTERPOL border operation targets organized crime networks across West Africa

07 December 2016

Arab Police Chiefs’ support vital in global terrorism response says INTERPOL Chief

05 December 2016

IOC and INTERPOL host national integrity in sport training in Ukraine

01 December 2016

‘Avalanche’ network dismantled in international cyber operation

29 November 2016

INTERPOL training looks to enhance ASEAN forensic investigative capability

28 November 2016

Project Stadia experts meet on major event security

25 November 2016

INTERPOL tribute following loss of Dubai Police Chief

23 November 2016

INTERPOL and EU project bolsters security in Jordan

22 November 2016

Head of INTERPOL meets UN Secretary General on collaboration

21 November 2016

INTERPOL and UN forge closer ties against transnational crime, terrorism

18 November 2016

INTERPOL workshop in Philippines focuses on border management procedures

18 November 2016

Guidelines for protecting child sexual abuse victims endorsed at INTERPOL meeting

10 November 2016

Operational training exercise targets smuggling of nuclear and radiological materials

10 November 2016

INTERPOL approves agreements to enhance global security

10 November 2016

China’s Meng Hongwei elected President of INTERPOL

09 November 2016

Biometric data on terrorists needed to activate global tripwire says INTERPOL

09 November 2016

New measures approved to strengthen INTERPOL information sharing system

08 November 2016

INTERPOL General Assembly approves review of membership process

08 November 2016

INTERPOL member countries endorse expansion of I-Checkit to the maritime sector

07 November 2016

INTERPOL General Assembly to set global roadmap for international policing

04 November 2016

Fake document detection focus of INTERPOL training

04 November 2016

INTERPOL training under EU-ASEAN programme spotlights border security

01 November 2016

INTERPOL Chief meets with Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi

28 October 2016

INTERPOL course seeks to boost investigations into serious international crimes

27 October 2016

Global scale of food fraud highlighted in INTERPOL-Europol report

25 October 2016

USD 460 million and hundreds of weapons seized in global counter-smuggling operation

21 October 2016

Human trafficking focus of INTERPOL conference

21 October 2016

INTERPOL Chief warns of dangerous gaps in global screening for foreign terrorist fighters

19 October 2016

Information flow key to national and global security, says INTERPOL Chief

19 October 2016

Contributions of women to law enforcement focus of roundtable event

19 October 2016

Global Airport Action Day targets airline ticket fraudsters

18 October 2016

Enhancing environmental security through cooperation

14 October 2016

Multi-agency response to bioterrorism incidents focus of INTERPOL exercise

13 October 2016

Promoting criminal forensic investigations focus of international symposium

12 October 2016

INTERPOL training in West Africa to combat money laundering and terrorism financing

06 October 2016

Media invitation for 85th INTERPOL General Assembly in Bali

05 October 2016

Experts address crimes threatening world’s forests and biodiversity

05 October 2016

Project Stadia experts meet on sports security legislation

03 October 2016

Criminal intelligence initiative targets performance-enhancing drugs

30 September 2016

INTERPOL-Europol cybercrime conference closes with onus on multi-stakeholder cooperation

30 September 2016

Investigating radiological crime scenes focus of INTERPOL training

30 September 2016

INTERPOL partners with NCS4 on spectator sports safety and security

28 September 2016

Identifying cybercriminals at core of INTERPOL-Europol conference

23 September 2016

Challenges in responding to infectious disease incidents focus of INTERPOL meeting

23 September 2016

INTERPOL training in Bali targets trafficking of chemical and explosive materials

22 September 2016

INTERPOL holds advanced training course for wildlife crime analysts

22 September 2016

Global drug trafficking through Africa focus of operational INTERPOL meeting

19 September 2016

Conference looks to shape global response to intellectual property crime

16 September 2016

Bridges needed to address complex crime landscape says INTERPOL Chief

14 September 2016

INTERPOL team helps safeguard ASEAN summit under EU-ASEAN programme

10 September 2016

Regional threats require a global response – INTERPOL Chief in Central Africa

08 September 2016

INTERPOL strengthens cooperation in combating corruption in Africa

06 September 2016

Global response to cybercrime focus of INTERPOL meeting

02 September 2016

INTERPOL boosts cybercrime policing capacity in Latin America and the Caribbean

01 September 2016

Effective regional collaboration in Africa bolsters international security – INTERPOL Chief

31 August 2016

Rwandan President and INTERPOL Chief address cooperation at EAPCCO police meeting

30 August 2016

International cycling competition focus of Project Stadia security preparations

29 August 2016

Investigating cyber-enabled crimes focus of joint Rwandan and INTERPOL exercise

19 August 2016

Regional border security focus of INTERPOL training in Brunei

19 August 2016

INTERPOL training on Darknet and cryptocurrencies targets organized crime

10 August 2016

Global response to terrorism must evolve with the threat - INTERPOL Chief

08 August 2016

INTERPOL and Thai Police chiefs meet on cooperation

05 August 2016

Stolen cars recovered in Spanish operation targeting vehicle trafficking

03 August 2016

INTERPOL team in Brazil to support security measures during Rio Olympics

01 August 2016

Ringleader of global network behind thousands of online scams arrested in Nigeria

28 July 2016

More than 2,700 human trafficking victims rescued in INTERPOL-coordinated operation

22 July 2016

INTERPOL joins Global Coalition to Counter ISIL

19 July 2016

INTERPOL workshop delivers biosafety curriculum for law enforcement

19 July 2016

Customs-Police cooperation recognized in INTERPOL Chief address to World Customs Organization

18 July 2016

More than 4,100 arrests in INTERPOL-led operation targeting Asian illegal gambling networks

15 July 2016

INTERPOL Chief strongly condemns horrific terrorist attack in Nice

12 July 2016

1,500 police in operation targeting crime networks across Eastern and Southern Africa

06 July 2016

Collaborative efforts to combat the illegal trade in shahtoosh shawls

06 July 2016

Tackling organized crime tops agenda at INTERPOL Americas meeting

05 July 2016

Regional and global security focus of INTERPOL Chief mission to El Salvador

01 July 2016

US and INTERPOL hold multilateral dialogue on nuclear smuggling prosecutions

01 July 2016

Romanian Interior Minister discusses policing issues with INTERPOL Chief

30 June 2016

Training key to law enforcement ability to meet crime challenges

23 June 2016

INTERPOL calls for public’s help in operation targeting people smugglers

20 June 2016

Speaker identification system undergoes proof of concept test

20 June 2016

Criminal networks using stolen payment card data targeted in global operation

17 June 2016

INTERPOL and TNO to collaborate in combating cybercrime

15 June 2016

IOC and INTERPOL fact-finding training to protect sport’s integrity

14 June 2016

Information sharing on bomb makers focus of Project Watchmaker meeting

14 June 2016

INTERPOL supports new Guidelines on child sexual exploitation and abuse terminology

13 June 2016

INTERPOL border operation in Southeast Asia targets crime suspects

09 June 2016

Media invitation for 23rd INTERPOL Americas Regional Conference in Panama

09 June 2016

Online sale of fake medicines and products targeted in INTERPOL operation

08 June 2016

INTERPOL’s global network supporting Euro 2016 security

07 June 2016

Border management focus of INTERPOL training in West Africa

04 June 2016

UNEP-INTERPOL report: value of environmental crime up 26%

01 June 2016

INTERPOL-IOC training to combat crimes in sport ahead of Rio Olympics

27 May 2016

Police information exchange focus of INTERPOL regional training

26 May 2016

Visit of Denmark’s National Commissioner of Police

26 May 2016

INTERPOL alerts issued for kidnapped sailors following maritime security operation

24 May 2016

INTERPOL Chief discusses global security issues with Austrian Interior Minister

23 May 2016

INTERPOL and UNODC forge closer ties in combating transnational crime

20 May 2016

Targeting organized crime networks behind illegal fishing focus of INTERPOL meeting

20 May 2016

Operational exercise targets smuggling of chemical explosives

19 May 2016

Countering terrorism threat to food supplies focus of international symposium

18 May 2016

Migration and border security top INTERPOL European meeting agenda

17 May 2016

Migrant smuggling is ‘a multinational business’, finds joint report

13 May 2016

44th INTERPOL European Regional Conference : the Czech police perspective

12 May 2016

Tackling corruption requires collective response, INTERPOL Chief tells international summit

11 May 2016

Heads of INTERPOL and UK National Crime Agency discuss security

04 May 2016

Organized crime networks behind ivory and rhino horn trafficking targeted in East Africa

02 May 2016

INTERPOL holds training on maritime crime scene investigations in Madagascar

29 April 2016

INTERPOL training to strengthen border management in West Africa

28 April 2016

Tackling transnational crime and terrorism focus of INTERPOL meeting

26 April 2016

INTERPOL backs World IP Day

25 April 2016

Tackling match-fixing focus of INTERPOL and IOC meetings in Belgium

22 April 2016

Media invitation for 44th INTERPOL European Regional Conference in Czech Republic

21 April 2016

Weapons and explosives seized in INTERPOL-led operation

20 April 2016

Bringing key INTERPOL players to the forefront of international policing

15 April 2016

INTERPOL training in Argentina targets corruption in the forestry sector

15 April 2016

Organized crime networks targeted in INTERPOL-coordinated operation in Tri-Border area

15 April 2016

Turkey hosts INTERPOL training on fake document detection

13 April 2016

INTERPOL border operation in Southeast Asia targets terror suspects

12 April 2016

INTERPOL agreement with Cellebrite strengthens efforts in combating cybercrime

06 April 2016

Financial crime focus of Doha conference

05 April 2016

Head of French Police talks terrorism with INTERPOL Chief during visit

01 April 2016

INTERPOL Chief discusses terrorism in CNN interview

01 April 2016

Effective information sharing underpins efforts against nuclear terrorism – INTERPOL Chief

31 March 2016

Coordinating efforts to better combat cybercrime focus of INTERPOL working group

30 March 2016

Largest-ever seizures of fake food and drink in INTERPOL-Europol operation

29 March 2016

Meeting the INTERPOL Digital Security Challenge

25 March 2016

Namibian President discusses global security issues with INTERPOL Secretary General

25 March 2016

INTERPOL global resources supporting Brussels terror probe

25 March 2016

INTERPOL holds bioterrorism workshop

22 March 2016

Sports integrity focus of WADA President’s visit to INTERPOL

21 March 2016

International Day of Forests: the role of environmental security

19 March 2016

INTERPOL advises enhanced border vigilance following Abdeslam arrest

18 March 2016

Border security focus of INTERPOL training under EU-ASEAN programme

18 March 2016

Spanish operation nets suspects behind illegal fishing

15 March 2016

Regional police organizations gather at INTERPOL meeting to enhance cooperation

03 March 2016

INTERPOL supporting global action on World Wildlife Day

29 February 2016

INTERPOL meeting addresses terrorist threats across Asia-Pacific

26 February 2016

Nuclear trafficking focus of operation in Georgia

23 February 2016

INTERPOL and Europol take steps against organized crime behind migrant smuggling

19 February 2016

INTERPOL conference aims to put brakes on international car crime

15 February 2016

Enhancing port security in the Philippines focus of INTERPOL training

15 February 2016

Drugs, criminals, guns and gold intercepted in INTERPOL border operation in West Africa

12 February 2016

International response to child abductions focus of INTERPOL meeting

10 February 2016

INTERPOL training looks to boost efforts against nuclear smuggling

09 February 2016

INTERPOL supporting Safer Internet Day

08 February 2016

Barclays first financial institution to support INTERPOL efforts in combating cybercrime

08 February 2016

INTERPOL African conference to develop strategy against evolving crime threats

01 February 2016

Republic of the Congo and INTERPOL

29 January 2016

INTERPOL nuclear trafficking conference looks ahead to 2016 Nuclear Summit

27 January 2016

INTERPOL conference targets global nuclear trafficking

26 January 2016

INTERPOL to open Special Representative office at African Union

26 January 2016

SICPA strengthens its support for the INTERPOL Travel Document

22 January 2016

No country can deal with cybercrime in isolation – INTERPOL Chief on BBC

22 January 2016

INTERPOL backs World Economic Forum cybercrime project

22 January 2016

INTERPOL training course targets chemical smuggling

21 January 2016

INTERPOL Chief on CNN: global response needed to combat terrorism

15 January 2016

Media invitation for 23rd INTERPOL African Regional Conference in Congo

15 January 2016

Operation Cocair V tackles threat of drug trafficking into Europe

14 January 2016

INTERPOL issues Red Notice against Papa Massata Diack at France's request

14 January 2016

WCO and INTERPOL reaffirm their commitment to work together against crime

13 January 2016

European Parliament President and INTERPOL Chief meet on security issues

11 January 2016

INTERPOL Chief says fight against terrorism at decisive stage

08 January 2016

French Secretary of State updated on INTERPOL initiatives to protect sports