INTERPOL National Cybercrime Training Seminar

4 - 6 February 2014, Tokyo, Japan

Cybercrime encompasses a wide range of offences, including attacks against computer data and financial systems, identity theft, online fraud, email scams such as phishing, and the distribution of child sexual abuse images.

The fast-evolving technologies and changing methodologies adopted by cybercriminals present a significant challenge for investigators. INTERPOL organizes cybercrime training activities across the world to assist member countries in strengthening their ability to counter cybercrime. These training courses are adapted to the capacity and needs of a country’s or region’s cybercrime unit, as well as the criminal trends that they face.

This three-day seminar was the first National Cybercrime Training Seminar of its kind, organized in cooperation with the Japanese National Police Agency, and it brought together some 25 cybercrime investigators from across Japan.

The seminar was attended by Mr Nobuyuki Kawai, INTERPOL Vice President for Asia, and Mr Yoshimi Ogata, Director of Cybercrime division, National Police Agency of Japan. Information security experts from the Cyber Defense Institute and Trend Micro delivered presentations and training with support from NEC Corporation.