1st Train-the-Trainer Workshop on Cybercrime Investigation

25 - 29 August 2014 – Seoul, Korea

This five-day training workshop was tailored to the needs of cybercrime investigators, who are also in charge of providing training courses or lectures on the subject in their respective countries. It was attended by some 29 participants from Europe, Asia and the South Pacific.

Topics covered include common types of cybercrimes, the way in which criminal activities are conducted on the Internet (for example, using Botnets, DDoS attacks, spam and phishing), and factors making the Internet an attractive medium for criminal activity.
The workshop was organized in cooperation with the Korean National Police Agency and Trend Micro. Support was also provided by the Government of Canada in the framework of the INTERPOL Capacity Building Programme on Improving Counter-Terrorism Investigation and International Collaboration in ASEAN Member States.