76th INTERPOL General Assembly

Marrakesh, Morocco - 5-8 November 2007

08 November 2007

INTERPOL General Assembly adopts new measures to enhance effective global policing

MARRAKESH – Delegates at INTERPOL’s General Assembly have approved a series of measures aimed at furthering co-operation between law enforcement in member countries to help combat transnational crime and terrorism.Police chiefs from around the world supported a number of recommendations at the four-day conference in Marrakesh, including the use of public...
07 November 2007

INTERPOL General Assembly upholds Executive Committee decision on AMIA Red Notice dispute

MARRAKESH – Delegates at the 76th INTERPOL General Assembly have upheld the unanimous decision made by the organization’s Executive Committee to publish six out of nine Red Notices requested in connection with the 1994 bombing of the AMIA building in Buenos Aires.The General Assembly, INTERPOL’s supreme governing body, voted in favour of publishing the no...
05 November 2007

INTERPOL General Assembly opens in Marrakesh, Morocco

MARRAKESH – INTERPOL’s 76th General Assembly opened on Monday with calls for member countries to make greater use of the organization’s potential and ability to identify, locate and arrest international criminals.Nearly 600 delegates from 144 member countries are gathering in Marrakesh for the four-day conference, which also marks the 50th anniversary of...
07 November 2007

INTERPOL General Assembly endorses use of public appeals to assist in child sex abuse investigations

MARRAKESH – Delegates at INTERPOL’s 76th General Assembly have approved a resolution empowering the organization to publish information to request the public’s assistance in child sex abuse investigations.The decision follows the success of Operation Vico, in which information provided by members of the public led to the arrest of a suspected paedophile j...