INTERPOL and Crime Stoppers International enhance their co-operation against transnational crime and fugitives

10 November 2010

DOHA, Qatar – The 79th INTERPOL General Assembly has approved a resolution which will see INTERPOL and Crime Stoppers International (CSI) enhance their joint efforts against transnational crime.

A co-operation agreement, signed by INTERPOL Secretary General Ronald K. Noble and CSI President Michael Gordon-Gibson (pictured right) after the resolution's approval, follows support provided by CSI to INTERPOL over the past two years in Operation Infra-Red (International Fugitive Round-Up and Arrest – Red Notices), a global operation seeking to track down and apprehend some of the world’s most wanted fugitives.

Speaking from Doha, CSI President Gordon-Gibson said of the co-operation agreement: “It is important for people living in local communities to understand that this decision will positively impact them in their communities. Transnational crime does exist where organized criminal networks participate in human trafficking, drug and gun smuggling and other activities. These activities eventually end up in our communities and if CSI and INTERPOL can work closely to eliminate or reduce this, that’s better for all of us.”

Operation Infra-Red this year (May-July) saw investigators from the participating countries and agencies, including Crimes Stoppers International, work together at the INTERPOL General Secretariat headquarters in Lyon, France, to enable investigators to directly share case details on their suspects. It led to more than 130 fugitives being arrested or located in 32 countries and to new information on almost 360 other fugitives targeted by the operation.